Are Samsung S21 5G or S21+5G (unlocked) compatible with RW?

I saw the S21 in the RW store but I’m looking at the 5G models so I won’t have to buy again later.

Good Morning @raymonm,

The short answer is yes!

For the Galaxy S21, please see here:

For the Galaxy S21+, please see here:

The Galaxy S21 sold at Republic’s online store is the exact same U.S. factory unlocked phone sold by Samsung and others as the Galaxy S21 5G. Though Republic omits Samsung’s 5G branding, the Galaxy S21 Republic sells supports 5G. Republic chooses to omit Samsung’s 5G branding as Republic’s service (separate from the phone) currently does not support 5G. That said, many of us are using 5G capable phones with Republic and depending upon location also receiving 5G service. Republic is aware of and OK with this.

Bottom line, whether you buy a U.S. factory unlocked Galaxy S21 or S21+ from Republic or source elsewhere, you wouldn’t need to buy again later to get 5G when that’s available in your area.


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