Are SIM cards interchangeable?


I currently have a Moto G3 and am planning to upgrade to a G4. I can get more memory for less money by buying the phone from Amazon, and I’m wondering if I can just move the SIM card in my existing phone to the new one, or if I have to order a new SIM card from RW. Both models use a Micro-SIM. Thanks so much!


The CDMA phones [either all legacy and CDMA configured 3.0 phones] SIM are not swappable, all legacy phone’s SIMs need to stay with the phone if selling or giving it away, or reactivation


The SIM card from your Moto G3 will not work in a Moto G4. You will need to get a new SIM card. You can either purchase it from Republic Wireless:

Or you can purchase one when you make your purchase on Amazon:

Also be sure to check this out too:


@littletoucan’s link covers it but just want to more explicitly state that any decision to move to a new phone must start with coverage check.

BYOP is GSM coverage which can be different from what you are used to on your G3.
So, start with the byop link above and make sure that GSM coverage is satisfactory in your area. You can still buy the phone and SIM from Amazon (to save on shipping).

The G4 is capable of either GSM or CDMA coverage. So if the GSM coverage does not work out well for you after activation, you can submit a help ticket to RW and they can evaluate if they can improve your coverage by sending you a CDMA SIM card.
More info on coverage here


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