Are some accessories redundant?

If I get the Otterbox Commuter Case, is the Ice Glass Screen Protector redundant, making cellphone less responsive?

Hi @robertg.koiyu4,

The Commuter series does not include a screen protector.

What phone model are you accessorizing?

Motorola one 5G ace , I’m sorry if this is coming at you twice

I want to get all the protection I need, but not more than what I need.

Thanks, @robertg.koiyu4,

It looks like the Commuter for the Pixel one 5G ace is described as having “raised edges” to help protect the screen. That’s going to help if you drop it face down onto a level surface like pavement, as the raised edges will lessen the likelihood that the screen will touch the pavement and get scratched. But it’s not going to help with things like sharing a pocket with keys or dropping the phone against an uneven surface - like a pile of rocks. So if you’re looking for the most protection possible without overdoing it, then a good screen protector would not be redundant.

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Thank you very much!


Hi robertg.
A ‘tempered’ glass screen protector [9H] is a ‘great’ investment.
There are many ‘high-quality’ ones on Amazon.
I often don’t even know how much my phones ‘screen’ takes abuse… until I replace it with a ‘new’ one,… and then look at the ‘old’ one through ‘light’.

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