Are the Moto X 32GB phones in stock?

I want to know that the (2) Moto X Pure Edition phones I am ordering are in stock and will they ship in 2-3 days?

does someone from Republic Wireless answer these questions ??

Hi @stephenw.dpiyit

I am not an employee but rather a customer just like you.

I would suggest going through the purchase process and carefully reviewing each page. It could happen that one color is in stock and the other is not.

When I got my MXP I got white (black was unavailable) because I knew I was putting a black case on it anyway. Turns out I love the look because the ‘white’ that borders around the screen inside the ‘black’ edges of the case looks stylish to me.

edited for detail.

You’ve posted your question to Republic’s Community forum. For the most part, we are members doing their best to help other members. Republic staff drops in from time to time but generally direct support takes place outside of the Community. More on that here: Getting Help from Republic.

The above said, if Republic’s online store shows shipping in 2-3 days that’s indicative the phones of interest to you are in stock. Please understand when Republic says ships in 2-3 days, that means up to 2-3 days before your order is handed off to the shipper for delivery to you. Typically, this is the worst case scenario. Also, please know orders placed on the weekend will ship Monday, at the earliest as weekends are not business days.

I ordered my MXP XT1575 for Republic directly from Motorola last year so I can’t speak regarding shipping of this device. However, I did have two positive experiences when I ordered my Moto G1 from Republic in 2015 and Moto G3 from Republic in early 2016. Both were prompt and accurate deliveries with no issues.

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