Are the new RW phones unlocked?


Can I get some value ($) from my Moto G (8GB) (1st Gen.) after I upgrade?

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All the new phones are unlocked and not longer have the custom Republic Wireless ROM chip.

You can sell your phone on Swappa or Ebay and get some money for it. However, since it is just a 8GB phone, you might want of keep it as a backup in case you break the new phone.

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones


Hi @biradearaujo,

I just want to make sure we aren’t confusing two different questions.

Our new phones are unlocked.

If I buy one of the Republic Wireless 3.0 phones from Republic, can I later use it on a different provider?

Yes. All of the Republic Wireless 3.0 phones are unlocked, meaning you can take them to a different provider as long as the phone meets the new provider’s Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) requirements.

See Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

However, just to be sure no one else misunderstands, the phone you then asked about:

Moto G (8GB) (1st Gen.)

This is not one of our new phones, and while it isn’t technically “locked,” it does include specific unique engineering that works only with our service. These older phones do retain a reasonable resale value, but keeping one handy as an emergency back-up phone is also a worthwhile consideration.

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