Are the older JIVE discussion sections gone? (Think Tank, Anywhere Beta, etc.)

It looks like only part of the older JIVE boards migrated; many of the discussion areas are gone. Are things like the Think Tank and the Anywhere Beta just (for all general purposes) gone now? (I checked the “The Republic Community is on the move” thread and I didn’t see it discussed.)

As an example, I was posting some bug reports to the Anywhere Beta last Friday. Brandon Smith was communicating with me, and postings have stopped. Those threads no longer exist here.

JIVE board link:

Hi @emperordahc

Is this what you are looking for?.

That looks like that would be the link, however the page is blank and says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

I’m the one who originally created the thread, and I am currently logged in.

The page also cannot be found via the search system.

So are those old threads still in existence in the newer system, just archived and hidden for normal users? (@c1tobor, you’re an Ambassador, so I’m assuming you have permission to those old threads, including mine that you linked above.)

Trying to figure out why your getting that message…

The Think Tank is not moving…

Think Tank
This Community “suggestion box” will not be moving to the new forums. We will still welcome discussions on features and improvements but without the voting system or the idea submission and approval process.

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I think in a few days the archives will be available with a read only link. @southpaw hasn’t gotten to that yet considering the timeframe. After the bug, the fixes will come.

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Hmm, it appears that topic is locked, although it should be accessible to Anywhere members.

@seanr, @southpaw ?

Yes, I’m an Anywhere Beta member.

That message is definitely a permission issue. (It is not a “page not found” issue; if I increment the URL’s number a few higher, I continue to get permission messages for those threads, but if increase the URL’s number to an impossibly high number so that no thread likely exists, I get a different “Oops, that page does not exist” error.)

Also, as I mentioned above, that page can’t be found from the search system. It’s definitely hidden.

OK, so Think Tank isn’t moving over, but we might have other areas like Anywhere Beta appear in the future. (“Our Product Team will also bring opportunities for members to provide feedback and suggestions in a more focused manner, as they’ve recently done with the Republic Anywhere Beta.”)

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Hi @emperordahc,

I apologize for not being around to answer questions earlier, leaving you to try to guess about these things.
Please click the “hamburger” menu at the top left of the forum and click “groups.” Then you should see the option to join the anywhere beta discussion group.

Please let me know if that doesn’t work.


So were you able to join the group @emperordahc?

Go to the Anywhere BETA group page and click “Join Group” then refresh the browser. The Anywhere sub-category will show up under General Discussions main category.

FYI: We hid the beta discussions behind a slight wall so that when we go live, the beta content will not confuse people with the GA version with BETA info. Anyone can join the Anywhere discussion category whether they are in the BETA or not. We just do not want the content skewing search unless the searcher is aware that there is such thing as BETA content


Thanks, @southpaw, @c1tobor, and @seanr. That worked, and just posted a new bug thread there.

BTW, yes, hiding all that old content makes total sense to not confuse normal forum visitors. Just had no idea I could turn it on! :wink:



It doesn’t look like we can post in the group yet, though? I too am an Anywhere Beta member and joined the group but I don’t see an option to post about the Anywhere app crashing on my Windows 10 PC.

You all have the right to post. Did you click on this image. It is the post image.

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Yea, we can post there. I just did earlier today.


Ahhh, gotcha, thanks @seanr

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