Are the phone on amazon (less expensive than on RW) will work on RW?

I would like to upgrade my phone will a phone bought on amazon work ? do I just need to transfer the sim card?
Is MotoG6 OK?
is Xiaomi rednote 6 compatible?

Hi @julienl and thanks for stopping by the Community with your question.

There are no Xiomi phones currently compatible with Republic. Some variants of the Moto G6 sold at Amazon would be. Please see:

And, even better:

Hi @julienl,

It looks like B&H has a better price for the G6 than Amazon at the moment, 32GB at $160 and 64GB at $200.|moto&N■■■■


The Moto X4 is a bit cheaper in the 32 GB variant but the 64 GB version is still $200. The X4 is a bit older than the G6 but the specs still hold up even compared to the G7. That said, I don’t know if the G6 will get any major Android updates but I know the X4 isn’t going to. If you’re worried about the pre-installed Amazon apps, it’s easy to just ignore them and not use them.

Useful information. Not Amazon, but does anyone know if the phones sold at Walmart for Total Wireless/Straight Talk are unlocked? I’m looking at the Moto G6 and the model number is XT1925DL. The DL is the only difference from the ones in the RW store. I know that could be a big difference, but am wondering if I could buy the G6 from Walmart for $149.99 and use it on RW.

Thank you!

No. The phones that are branded for and sold for Total Wireless and Straight Talk are not the Factory Unlocked models that Republic supports. (Neither is the Consumer Cellular versions)

Got it. Thank you for the quick reply!

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The Moto G6 that compatible is the XT1925-6 which is the North American Factory unlocked version
Discount prepay carriers typically us carrier sub varients unless they say outright that it’s a factory unlocked phone

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