Are there any gotchas when changing plans and networks?

I currently have a Moto X, 1st gen. on the Republic Wireless 2.0 Refund plan. I believe it uses Sprint’s CDMA network, but I’m not 100% sure. Republic Wireless only used one network back when I joined in 2014.

If I upgrade my phone, I need to move to the 4.0 My Choice plan. If I BYOP, then I switch to the GSM network, which has better coverage where I travel anyhow. This raises a few questions:

  • Are there any charges for switching networks (CDMA -> GSM) or plans?
  • Can I keep my number?
  • Will I lose existing voicemail messages?

I assume there are no charges for upgrading plans, because I don’t remember any charge for moving from the 1.0 plan to the 2.0 plan. I assume I can keep my number. I thought I should check anyhow. I’m not sure about keeping voicemail messages, though.

You are correct.

No charges for moving from CDMA to GSM and depending upon the phone you choose, it might be possible to go back to CDMA coverage if GSM turns out to be not as good in your area. There’s also no additional charge for moving to the required My Choice structure. That said, My Choice does have a different price structure than the grandfathered plan attached to your Moto X.

One may always keep their current Republic number when upgrading their phone. The key is to be certain one signs into the Republic account housing their current phone when using the Republic app to activate the new phone. The how to from Republic is here:

In my experience, no.


Just wanted to clarify that BYOP does not force you into GSM coverage. But the SIM card sold on the RW website or Amazon is GSM SIM card.

If you instead need a CDMA SIM card for your BYOP phone, see here for instructions

For this reason, it is important to be aware that a handful of phones supported for BYOP are GSM only…so when you do pick a BYOP phone…and if you think you may end up wanting to move to CDMA in the future then be sure to pick a phone that is capable of both CDMA and GSM.

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