Are there plans to support Nokia 6.1?

Are there any plans to support the new Nokia 6.1?

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New phones are always interesting to look at to see how the phones are changing and competing with each other. The Nokia 6.1 looks like a good phone.

However, on Republic’s side, there is no concrete answer. While the new Republic 3 plans allow for a wider support of phones, Republic still does test new phones to ensure that the software in the phones does conform to the Android standards and actually is able to work with Republic’s wifi calling.

Out of all the phones, other than the big brands such as the Google Pixel, Samsung, Motorola, progress has been slow. You can see the current supported list here.

Following the BYOP links, Republic still has the survey for other phones for us to voice our opinions so while the phone is not supported now, you can fill out this form to let Republic know you want to see the Nokia 6.1 on the service.

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