Are you going to the NC State Fair?


Are any of our @Raleigh_Area members attending the State Fair? If so, what is your top reason for going? We have staff members who are new to the area, would you advise them to go, and if so, what should they make sure not to miss?


My husband and I are going tomorrow to the NC State Fair with my older adult children and their beautiful girlfriends. We use to go an average of every other year when our children were young and spend hundreds of dollars to have some great memories banked. Now that our children are adults, we are so excited to experience the fair with them as paying adults. We have tickled their interest enough to where they would like to continue going to this event and share it with their girlfriends, hopefully, carry this tradition with their children in the future. We are happy to know that our money will not be drained from our own pockets any longer now that they are productive members of society,

The NC State Fair offers lots first experience connection with our local agriculture and animal farmers. Attending the folk festival, local music entertainers, checking out North Carolina’s heritage are a few educational mentions that will boost your children’s urge to know learn about our state. This event was a start to open the eyes of the younger generation to know about their local state through the experience local festivities.


My wife’s company is tied closely with the fair and was able to get my family discounted tickets. So its been an annual tradition. We went just as a family last night, and surprisingly it wasn’t nearly as packed as it used to be. For me it was good because I hate crowds. My daughter has finally outgrown the rides, so this year we mainly just looked at all the booths, some shows, food, fireworks, and people watched.

There was a booth set up by the unclaimed funds department of NC, and we found out that as a family we had about $200 coming back to us. That was nice. But there was a NC State shop where we immediately spent a lot of what we will be receiving back. Also saw lots of artwork by local artists and wannabe future artists. Went in other buildings and we enjoyed looking off their cattle, etc. There was an NC ice cream place near the entrance for the tractor pull that was great. It was only $5/cup, but it was great and more than I should have eaten. I got the “Wolf Tracks” flavor, highly recommend it.

The daughter used to enter jams/jellies and won a lot of 2nd and 3rd places, but didn’t have time this year.

Saw lots of booths for other phone companies, but didn’t see any for Republic. Perhaps we just missed it, or perhaps that would be something for Republic to consider in the future.


Congrats!! I’ve found “lost” money for my family through that before, though not at the Fair. The service is available online at Other states have the same kind of services and it can be worthwhile (as you found!) to type your name into the box once in a while!

That is Howling Cow ice cream, made at N.C. State, using milk from N.C. State cows, and they serve it here on campus, too! It’s a too-easy walk to the ice cream shop near the office. Wolf Tracks is my favorite, too. My daughter prefers Campfire - it’s a s’mores-like ice cream experience. She loves it so much that we bought three-gallon tubs of Wolf Tracks and Campfire and served it at her wedding reception!

Republic was not at the fair this year. It’s something I asked about and would love to see us do in the future.

You found a great variety of things to do at the fair!


Going because it is free for old farts like me:grinning: