Are your calls coming in on Cell or going to voicemail when your phone is sleeping?


This might be a N thing … still waiting on M :wink:


Macdroid doesn’t seem to be working for me. Interval = 52 mins, Actions = Screen on, Constraints = in call, GPS on, WiFi disabled, Headphones in.

What I have noticed is that, when I see that WiFi is sleeping and I call my RW phone from my Ooma phone, the RW phone always wakes up and answers. However, when my GF calls (500 mis from where I am) the phone will sometimes not wake up and the calls will go to voicemail without ever ringing on her end. Apparently, this is not consistent. Sometimes, the calls come through. I haven’t kept any records. But, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when the calls wake the phone up and when they go straight to VM.


As I recall your cell service comes and goes like mine does. For me, this complicates the analysis because when a call comes in I can’t be sure it didn’t come in on cell and then switch to WiFi when I woke up the phone to answer the call.

The big difference I’ve noticed after turning the app power monitor off is that now every time I look at my sleeping phone I have a solid RW arc.


I was always on Sprint before. Going against the RW phone selector’s advice, I bought the Z Play to get away from CDMA. My signal is just as bad with T-Mo as it was with Sprint. Actually, they are probably on the same towers in many places here. But, I digress.

I don’t have the same complications you have with knowing where the call is coming in. Cell is, for the most part, barely usable at my home. For that reason, my phone is ALWAYS in airplane mode when I’m home. Therefore, I am absolutely certain all of my calls are coming in on WiFi, when they do come in.

The app power monitor sounds like a handy little app. I think I will look around for something similar on the Play store. It is not a feature of Nougat, as far as I can tell.


I have no idea why that app power monitor feature I turned off is in my S7’s settings but not in the settings on the Motorola phones. I take it the Z Play isn’t on Nougat yet so perhaps that’s the reason.


The Z Play should be on Nougat: Moto Z Play System Update.

I think App power monitor may be a Samsung feature rather than a Nougat one. There’s a similar feature on my Samsung Galaxy J3 called App power saving. The J3 is still and likely always will be on Marshmallow.


I should mention that since turning app power monitor off I no longer get notifications that ‘x apps have been disabled to conserve power.’ Maybe one of those disabled apps is something needed to keep WiFi on.

The implication here is that it is a Samsung feature:


Could it have been the ‘x apps have been disabled to conserve power’ notification that was keeping wifi awake?

Yes, the Z Play has Nougat, which I really like. Has some very nice features.


My phone is dropping wifi while idle - the wifi radio is still on however my phone will drop to only cell service even though I live where the signal isnt strong enough to make/receive calls - when I pick up my phone and see its on cell and swipe it open it will immediately connect again to the republic (wifi) network without me having to do anything - so the issue is I will not receive texts, phone calls or even voicemails from the calls i missed until I check my phone - this started happening after I upgraded to nougat

I have already put in a ticket a week ago but at this point I feel like they are just having me try random things because nothing is working

things I have tried so far at the request of RW tech support

  1. From the phone please dial: * # * # 8647 # * # *
  2. double-check that the WiFi is set to stay on during sleep
  3. cache partition wipe
  4. Factory Reset
  5. check your router for any available firmware update (was already up to date)
  6. set the Republic Wireless app to not prioritize battery optimization
  7. toggle the WiFi sleep settings to never then back to always to refresh the setting and get it working better

I have asked several times about a way to revert to my old android and they never answer - so Im guessing you can’t

figured Id post this here hoping somebody else maybe has gone through this will see it


Please see this thread:


The problem you outline is the same as I experience on my Moto X Pure on 6.0 and the fix that @billg outlines is the only thing I have found that works (for me). The one additional thing I have noticed is that when the WiFi is asleep and the call comes in on Cell the phone will remain in cell mode and then automatically revert to WiFi. This appears to be a function of the RW App setting having ‘Handover to WiFi when appropriate’ and it always occurs at the 45 sec mark into a call
ETA: from review of Bills thread and other sources … no one fix has been found totally effective for all users/phones. Republic Tech/Engineering continue to pursue and any new ‘wrinkle’ uncovered by the community are being considered.


downloading this now - even though it uses a bit of battery Im sure it will actually increase my battery life since my phone ends up searching and trying to use a nonexistent signal - will update

thanks @billg and @jben


There are other fun things you can do with Macrodroid such emailing you a photograph of anyone who enters the wrong PIN or fingerprint.


Hi @johny.ta18am,

I have merged your thread into @billg’s pre-existing thread on the subject, so that we can keep the conversation focused in a single place. I’m glad you posted here, so that our Community could direct you to a workaround.

The suggestions that our technical team provided are very basic troubleshooting steps that clear up a vast majority of issues. When we troubleshoot, they are the best place to start, so even though they did not solve this for you, they are really not “random tasks.” I can see why it feels that way when the problem persists, though.


@southpaw actually wish you hadnt done that - my issue is related to having upgraded to nougat - maybe the thread should have stayed separate as if I had known this was an issue I never would have updated in the first place


I can split it back out (I think) but I don’t believe the issue is unique to Nougat.


I was actually going to ask how the and which device (I think it was an MXP) was upgraded to Nougat.

So, was the MXP on CDMA and Nougat was pushed to the phone, or is it GSM and side-loaded?.


the phone is the 2nd gen mxp and I did not side load - that update was pushed to my phone


it may not be unique to nougat - but it didn’t happen at all until I upgraded - I have had the phone for almost a year and the same router for over 6 months - the only thing that has changed was the nougat upgrade - I was told by at least one of the techs helping me it is a known moto x pure/nougat issue - something related to the new features in doze mode

people who have limited cell coverage may want to know that their phone won’t work properly without a third party app before they upgrade to nougat - as I said I wouldn’t have done it if I had come here and saw that people were having issues - I did check before I took the leap



I have an S7, not a Pure. I’ve had the problem before and after Nougat. The problem is not unique to RW. If I were were with T-Mobile and elected to have my calls come in on WiFi I’d still be using Macrodroid to maintain my WiFi connection. I believe the problem would occur with any carrier who offers WiFi in the absence of cell service.