Area Code won't support BYOP,

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Customers/members do get frustrated when their phones or SIM cards don’t work as expected upon arrival and prolonging it by the present SIM swap system doesn’t make for a good customer experience.

I don’t know of a good reason why RW couldn’t send out both GSM & CDMA to those that know how your system works. Realize things have been complicated a bit by the addition of two newer types of CDMA cards. Even better would be to send a real BYOP SIM card kit containing both or all possible compatible cards with instructions to members on why they are included and how they can get optimal coverage. Other MVNOs do or have sent their multiple SIMs out as a kit to let their customers choose what fits the location and phone. Your members may be more well versed with coverage and SIM card differences than RW gives them credit for. I’m confident RW could include enough information and learning material to idiot proof a BYOP kit or two SIMS sent with phones purchased from RW. You would be able to reduce Support workloads and cost of shipping for the SIM changes, have more and happier members.


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One other note to mention. Whatever phone you choose it must not only be compatible per Republics list, it must also support GSM & CDMA if you plan to switch it to CDMA after initial GSM activation. This link has a list of supported phones along with their features, including if they support GSM, CDMA or Both

where in the supported phones list is their CDMA compatibility listed

I use this list for that information What Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service? – Republic Help

another option is the community maintain list here Detailed Supported Phone Features

Yep, Sorry that’s the link I meant to copy & paste Detailed Supported Phone Features

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That was kind of my original thoughts, but I don’t know all the technical issues behind the scenes that may make this harder than it seems it should be.

My understanding is that once the phone is activated on the GSM, RW has the phone info needed to activate CDMA cards. There hasn’t been much additional technology involved since RW started the current GSM/CDMA swap procedure. Ever since CDMA became available for the compatible 3.0 phones RW has taken the stance that it will confuse members during the phone purchasing process to offer a choice of providers or making CDMA a relatively easy BYOP option.

There may be logistical and cost considerations of sending multiple cards in a kit. Once those were thought out and implemented it could be easier than RW seems to think it should be.


one should also consider that Republic has 2 different CDMA SIM (and a third one being worked on) due to changes at the CDMA Partner
the Initial 3.0 phones that could use CDMA where using the cSIM which just allowed access to LTE data to the phone
the second group of phones (released in 2017) are using the iSIM which enables VoLTE and data
the Yet release SIMOTA is the third type of SIM which should start acting more like a GSM SIM on CDMA devices but how well this will work is still unknown

which SIM should be sent/used depend on the phone and there are many who don’t know lots of find details (like Moto G5 Plus (cSIM) or Moto G5S Plus (iSIM).
I can see why Republic prefers to have the phone information already in the system to make sure they send the correct SIM


How many times have you personally requested a card swap and jump through their loops?

All four could be sent out in a kit. Or when ordering a BYOP SIM kit the member could choose the phone type. RW knows what phones they sell and could send out the compatible dual SIM kits. .

Is it easier for RW to have Support involved and have dissatisfied members? RW likes to have control and does it their way regardless of the consequences. It would take a bit of thought on RW’s part on how to implement a change and maybe it’s just not on their to-do-list.


Just yesterday, I requested a CDMA SIM for the Moto E4+ in my household. It’s basically an emergency backup. Generally, GSM coverage is superior to CDMA in my area but owing to building construction in South Florida and the fortunate happenstance of a Sprint tower, the one location that’s an exception to that rule is inside my home. Normally, it wouldn’t be relevant as I rely on WiFi for indoor use but with the return of hurricane season, I’m mindful of the potential for an extended power outage. I opened a ticket, explained the rationale and within hours, Republic shipped me a CDMA SIM. It was painless.

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Just once when I upgraded to my current Moto Z2 Play , the GSM partner has zero coverage at my work so I requested a CDMA and they sent one out. It wasn’t a big deal
When I ordered the BYOD SIM I didn’t even have the phone information yet as it was not yet ship by Moto

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Your recent experience was a bit different than mime have been.

Both of our experiences don’t compare to the frustrations that may be felt by a member with a newly delivered phone from RW or new BYOP phone that has little to no cell reception. Remember some folks don’t have the luxury of having another working phone to tide them over. No all people have your advantages of intimate knowledge of getting help when problems occur.

I’d like to know the technical difficulty if any of improving member experience by providing dual or multiple SIMs in a kit.


I’m uncertain what you’re proposing. Are you wanting Republic to include both GSM and CDMA SIMs in all bring your own SIM kits? Whether one agrees or disagrees with Republic’s point of view on the subject, wouldn’t that add a layer of potentially unnecessary complexity?

My understanding is that the GSM BYOP sims do not need to have any info about the phone they are going into in order to activate and be used. Thus, they can be bought freely and independently.

CDMA sims, by design, require programing to the exact phone they are going into in order to activate and be used. Thus, impossible to freely and independently sell a CDMA sim. So including this in the normal BYOP kit would be useless.

Forget the technical difficulties. The customer service nightmare this would create would be so huge it would bring Republic down. As one of the experts that handles tickets for Republic I can’t even tell you how many times every single day Republic handles tickets with customers that can’t handle ONE SIM. Including 2 or more SIMs would be insane and asking that customer properly self-identify what phone they have would also add to the issue as a measurable amount of the time the customer lists the wrong phone when asking for help.

The people that do this every day for a living, and have all the data, think about this constantly. Don’t you think if just sending everyone 4 SIMs would improve things that would be done already?


I’m one of Republic’s Community Experts as well and couldn’t agree more.


Are there technical or just expert support difficulties?


Once the GSM SIM is activated the RW system has the requirements to activate the CDMA SIM. It’s a simple swap and activation of the CDMA SIM. I have done this several times. So including a CDMA SIM in a BYOP kit would not be useless. Many of the defenders of the present system said RW would not be able to do a SIM swap without having the phone in hand.

Many of the defenders of the present system said RW would not be able to do a SIM swap without having the phone in hand.@southpaw mentioned she would bring up the issue a few replies up and there is more than one way to skin a eel.


So which one should they include? There are currently three flavors of CDMA SIMs and Republic has phones that each use a different one of those three. Should they be sending out kits with four SIMs in them?

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I have not used R.W.s CDMA sims, but I have had plenty of experience with Sprint and VZW which are CDMA. With them, u can not take a SIM out of one phone and put it in another and have it activate You have to get a new sim programed to that phone.

And as louisdi has mentioned, there are now 3 versions of CDMA sims.
That would be ridiculous and not cost effect to include a total of4 sims in a BYOP kit.

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