Article about low cost MVNOs including RW changing for the worse

This article is about the state of MVNOs being bought up by carriers. It gives a rather dim view of the future for them, including RW. I hope the author is being too pessimistic.

Too pessimistic to put it mildly. Realistically, there has always been volatility in the MVNO market. It’s difficult to address the most price conscious market on price alone. The author fails to mention the fast growing segment of the MVNO market, cable operators. Charter/Spectrum added over a million wireless subscribers last year with a total now of about 3.5 million. Altice/Optimum and others are doing the same. The cable companies are intent on building relationships with low cost mobile to hopefully hang on to their cable-cutting TV viewers. I’m sure that they are less interested in the profit of a $14 mobile plan than locking that same customer into a $175/mo TV package.

The rest of the MVNOs will survive based on their ability to provide unique benefits to targeted customers. When a company’s only benefit is a rock bottom price while providing mediocre service, they will fail. Republic has consistently provided an excellent product with unparalleled customer support, and there is no reason to believe that won’t continue. Republic will only get better with the upcoming network changes.

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