Ascend 5w Cases - will Honor 5x cases work?

I am planning on getting the upcoming Ascend 5w during the promotion, but can’t really find any info about cases. Will Republic have cases to offer, or is there a place to get them? It looks very similar to the Honor 5x so I am wandering if the 5X cases would work on the 5W? The physical dimensions are:

5W (From the Republic listing)

152.4 mm X 76.4 mm X 8.4 mm

5X (From Android Central)

151.3 mm X 76.3 mm X 8.15 mm

So they are pretty close in physical size, however there is just under a millimeter difference in height. Would this be noticeable? I am curious if staff testing this phone have tried a case for the 5X? Also, I couldn’t find any measurements about the button/port/microphone placement so any insights on this would be helpful as well.


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I am interested in this topic as well. Thanks.

One thing I noticed was that the Ascend seems to have only a single SIM support while the Honor has dual sim support going from the specs posted on the RW website. That would mean that the Honor 5x case will have a slot that wouldn’t be needed for the ascend.

It looks like the Honor cases would fit, albeit with an extra slot cut out maybe. I found a good page listing good best cases: ** **

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The size differences is enough to make the case worthless If you looked closer the 5W is longer USE common sense

honor 5x dimension 151.3 mm (L) x 76.3 mm (W) x 8.15 mm (5.96 inches x 3.00 inches x 0.32 inches)

5W Height: 152.4 mm Width: 76.4 mm

In other words too small

In preparation of receiving the Ascend 5W, I did some research and since the Honor 5X is less than 1 mm shorter than the Ascend 5W, I ordered this case from Amazon:

You can also search for cases for Huawei GR5 (pretty much the same specs as the Honor 5X).

The case is a tight fit on the Ascend 5W and I’d rather have it snug than no protection for at all. Width is fine, but it is short so either the top or bottom of the front side of the case is pulled away from the edge ever so slightly. You can only tell if you look really closely. Openings line up well, but found inserting the phone in the bottom side first so the opening for the USB adapter is perfectly aligned allowing you to charge without force fitting the micro USB cable. The power button and volume rockers are off a fraction, but does not impact their use. Back opening was perfect for the camera and fingerprint reader.

I also ordered a Skinomi screen protector but the Ascend 5W came with one installed already. I have not swapped it out for the Skinomi yet. It seems to be a bit short when lining it up against the front of the phone, but would do the job as it would cover the majority of the screen.

When there are proper Ascend 5W cases and screen protectors, I will order them, but in the meantime, this case works for me, but that’s my tolerance for fit. You may not feel the same. If I determine the screen protector that came with the phone is not to my liking, I will put on the Skinomi on. I have had great success with Skinomi and Armorsuit screen and even full device protectors.

Hope that helps!



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I just bought these two cases (Smart Grid Defender and Crystal Clear Series) from Amazon and they both fit. I will say the Smart Grid Defender has better button access since it has elevated rubber buttons. The Crystal Clear case is more compact and sleek and doesn’t add as much bulk, but it makes the power & volume button harder to access (you have to score a direct hit! ).

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I just bought this case (link below) off eBay and it fits perfectly - everything lines up button/hole wise. The case has a rubber inner shell that allows some give length-wise and has a hard shell that snaps over top. Hope this helps!

Huawei Honor 5X / X5 / Huawei GR5 Case, INNOVAA Smart Grid Defender Armor Case | eBay

I have this extra case. It’s new and unopened. It fits the Ascend 5W perfectly. That other innova case makes it too bulky, this one is better.
Orzly - FlexiCase for HUAWEI HONOR 5X Ascend 5w or GR5 Flexible Silicon Gel Case | eBay

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