Ascend 5w storage capacity - SDHC or SDXC?

I can’t find any info on how big a microSD card this phone can handle. Is a 32mb SDHC card the max? Or can I use a 64 or 128 SDXC card?

According to the specs RW posted, it only supports 32gb micro SD cards.

Huawei Ascend 5W Tech Specs

If that’s actually the case and the phone is not compatible with the 64gb Sandisk Extreme Pro card I have I will be sending the phone back. A 32gb limit is ridiculous for a modern phone.

Having said that, there’s a very similar phone called the Honor 5X which supports 128gb and sometimes phones with a claimed 32gb limit actually support much larger cards so I’m still hopefull.

I got my 5w today. I have formatted a 64 GB Samsung sdxc card to fat32 and it works fine in the phone.

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