Ascend 5W vs Moto G

I currently have the Moto G (1st gen). Would the Ascend 5W be considered a step up or step down or same? I would like something faster and more powerful than Moto G (seems to lag-run slow whendoing a few simple things on it). What else are differnces (good and bad) worth noting between the two?


I tried to do a Google search on this new phone and came up rather empty. What I do know is that the G1 is rather dated. It is a 2.0 plan phone and only can achieve 3G cell data speeds. While the new 5W I will assume is a 3.0 plan only phone, most likely it is a GSM phone and you will be tossed onto another carrier ( T-Mobile ) while your old G1 is a CDMA phone and is on the Sprint network. The 5W most likely is a 4G LTE phone as well. I’m going to take a guess but if I recall the G1 only had 1GB of RAM, I am going for 2GB of RAM on the 5W because of the price. More RAM is just better.

These are all guesses I have about the 5W, but for the year it is and the price they are asking, I’m sure it is a better budget phone than the old G1.

I would say it’s an upgrade. Note the phone is GSM only, so you would be using TMobile’s network. Make sure TMobiile works for you. 4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

The phone is much bigger then your Moto G1. It’s about the same size as a LG G4. So use the LG as a reference. Visual Phone Size Comparison

Huawei Ascend | Republic Wireless

And since it is a 3.0 phone, you move to a 3.0 phone plan.

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