Ascend 5W will not call

I just bought a new phone, the Ascend 5W. My text, email, and browsing are working fine, but when I try to make a call the phone says “No cellular network available. Connect to Wifi to make calls.” I am connected to Wifi though. I tried resetting the republic app, sim card, calling in airplane mode with wifi on, and restarted the phone. Not sure what else to do. Thanks for any help

I seem to remember having the same message a couple of times after first getting my Ascend 5W. Did some fumbling around with setting and possibly did a simple power off and reboot? That was in December and haven’t had any problems or messages since.

You may want to reboot or clear the cache to see if that helps.

Hi @andrewc.27tn9v,

I believe you’ve run into a known bug in Huawei’s Dialer (Phone app). in the absence of cell signal. Huawei’s Dialer won’t recognize the Ascend is connected to WiFi even though it is. The fix will require a system build update from Huawei. To work around the issue for now, I suggest use of an alternative Dialer. I’ve used this one: Marshmallow Dialer - Android 6 - Android Apps on Google Play.

Anyone with an Ascend can easily recreate this experience. Simply place the Ascend into Airplane mode then reenable the WiFi radio. In the resulting absence of cell signal, you’ll see the same error message.

Republic support is aware of the issue and working with the manufacturer has determined the fix must come from Huawei. I do not have a timeframe as to when that will occur.

Thanks, that’s good to know info. Guess my quick change to another dialer fixed the bug unknown to me. Tried your suggested earlier and found one that better suited my user experience having no adds.

ZenUI Dialer & Contacts - Android Apps on Google Play

Thanks for the workaround. Want to add that the problem does not only happen on airplane mode. It happens when only on WiFi.

Hi @benk.zgp2ba,

You’re quite correct. The bug is induced by any lack of cell signal. I referenced Airplane mode for those who ordinarily have cell signal and might want to to see for themselves.


Has this bug been resolved? My device is up-to-date as far as I can tell but receiving and placing calls is still very problematic.


Did you take the step to change dialers? if you do the issue sill not be present?

Sorry for the late reply everyone, changing dialers has indeed worked fine
for me. You might have to try a couple different ones however to see what
works for you/your phone. I do not remember what mine is called but it has
a green phone icon similar to the default Huawei dialer

Sorry was replying to @cannelli who hopped on here to ask the same thing. Thanks for letting us know it worked :grin:

Hi @seanr,

Yes, I did switch to a new dialer months ago and that seemed to work for a while, then I noticed problems again receiving and placing calls. Which dialer, you may ask? That’s a good question. I just went to check and now I can’t figure out what dialer apps I even have on this thing. One’s simply called ‘Phone’ and the other’s called ‘Dialer’. The icons are identical and I can’t see either listed when I enter the Apps section of Settings. This is absurd. I think I’ll try the Marshmallow Dialer tomorrow and see how that goes. (I’m still curious if the bug was fixed or not.)


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