Ascend 5W

Well how do owners like their Ascend 5W? Saw a few people have short battery , did they find a fix? Would you buy it again etc?

Coming from an older Moto X1, we both really like them. The large size has been the biggest adjustment. We have no complaints regarding the battery. I consistently charge at the 48hour mark and have 10-20% battery left. We would certainly compare against the G4, but would buy again.

I was impressed by the 5W’s build quality and in the small amount of time I played with it, it seems to have some really nice features. I just read that Huawei is beginning to roll-out an update to EMUI , which reportedly brings some welcomed changes to the interface. I’ll just assume it will make its way to the 5W.

My son is the one that has been using it, and reports no issues with battery life or anything else. He chose it over his Galaxy J3. Hope that helps.

Hi @garyr.bnhgi3,

There’s a lot of good reading on the topic here: My RW & Huawei Ascend 5W Experience

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