Ascend Phone Bogus Sale

I’m really annoyed by this latest promotion of the Ascend Phone. I was watching this from 10:00pm California time till 12:30 am. The whole time it was “out of stock”. I think this was a bogus promotion. I don’t like my time being wasted. This is the deciding factor of leaving Republic. The rest of my family has iphones with decent plans (TPO - which is just as cheap as Republic, but better coverage) but I was the lone hold out on Republic. I was going to purchase 3 of these and have more of us on Republic plans, but not if their only choices of phones are worse deals than you can find elsewhere. The Ascend was priced reasonably and with the promotional service plan, they could have had 3 more customers. Now they are losing one in addition. Not that they care. I think it was just an advertising scam to get more people on their website. Bye Republic.

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So you were watching from 10pm Pacific Time, when you should of been on at 9PM For a company that is on the east coast 3 Hours ahead of you

10pM PST = 1:am EST

At midnight I had one in my cart trying to check out when it hiccuped and emptied my cart showing OUT OF STOCK

Do us a favor learn how to use Time Zones

Do you not think it odd that it would just hiccup and not let you purchase it? Just happened to go “out of stock”? I do.

I do understand time zones. Lived in DC, Michigan, AZ and CA but thanks for the lesson Fine print said 2:59 am so do yourself a favor and get glasses or reading lessons, whichever you prefer I think they had 10 phones for sale at the promotional offer.

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Annnnnnnndddddd I was on their earlier and it still said “out of stock”.

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Not cool, Republic. try and keep all of this topic here


I Made it all the way through to the payment feature and it would not complete.tried it a second and 3rd time

The fine print shows December 19 at 0800z (z=GMT ) or in my case 0300 GMT -5

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Congrats on knowing the time zones, but you were an hour late to the party

Hi @sarahb.mymrbw ,

I watched the phones become available and very quickly go out of stock. They definitely sold out very quickly due to the incredible value of the promotion.

We are sorry to read that you’ll be leaving us, and we appreciate the time you’ve spent with us.

I’m locking this thread in order to focus the conversation in Not cool, Republic. (Feedback about the Ascend 5W promotion).

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