"Ask a Customer" doesn't work

I asked a question via “Ask a Customer” and got a quick response via email, but not the answer, just a link to the answer. I clicked the link to get the answer, and the link took me only to the general help page and not to the answer or any way to find the answer. I tried to go reply to the email, and that didn’t work, I then tried to return to the ask a customer page and got an error. This is becoming incredibly frustrating. If this is supposed to make things easier, it isn’t working.

Hi @edp.v2ds1x,

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. Generally, “Ask a Customer” is intended to be a chat like experience though email copies of the Community Expert’s (indeed a member of a hand-picked by Republic group of fellow customers) reply(s) is also supplied. Due to the chat like nature of the experience, a Community Expert will often link Help Center documentation rather than type out the answer as a means of expediting answering the question. Obviously, the supplied link should work.

By design, any on the email copies of the replies from the Community Expert who answered you contain links that are supposed to return you to the conversation. Though some of us here also participate as Community Experts, we are unable to look up the conversation. That said, if you’ll share the question here, we would be happy to try and point you in the right direction.


Hi @edp.v2ds1x,

I’m truly sorry for the frustration. We have this issue logged with the company that runs the “Ask an Expert” platform and they are investigating it.

They report that the issue seems to be limited to a new update of Chrome, so if you happen to have Firefox on your computer, you may find the platform works as intended in Firefox.

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