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I am setting up my brand new Moto E4 phone, and the number I was assigned is not a local number. It’s actually a number for a city 5 hours away. Can I get a local number for this phone?

Hi @Rick1,

Currently, when you activate a Republic phone, you’re automatically assigned a number based on your address. In some cases, Republic gets it wrong. Republic does offer the option of changing your newly issued number. More info on that is here: Change My Phone Number – Republic Help.

In other cases Republic may lack local number inventory in your area. If that’s the case, there’s a rather convoluted workaround here: In addition to the sources mentioned there, NumberBarn might be an option but please read the article first to be certain any number you purchase will transfer to Republic.

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Thank you. I have submitted a ticket, and in the meantime I was encouraged to post this inquiry for the community. I read about how to change numbers but haven’t seen the second article yet. I hope that helps. I know my landline number could not be transferred to this cell.

You’re most welcome!

Sadly, in this case, it’s unlikely a support ticket will help. If you’re unable to acquire a local number as described in the first help article I linked, typically, that means Republic has no inventory in your area. I documented the convoluted process in the second referenced article. If after having a gander at that, you think it’s something you might want to pursue and have questions, please let us know. We’ll do our best!



You also have the option to keep checking the numbers RW has available during the change procedure. RW occasionally runs out of some local numbers until they get a new supply added to their inventory.

I activated a new line early last year and was given a number in a new area code within my state at least three hours away. Rechecked once a week or so and within a month or two numbers were again available with my area code and local exchanges that would work for my needs. If you live in the boondocks your experience may differ.


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Thank you all. It seems to be a boondocks issue.

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