Assigned phone to a different account. How can monthly payments be made from the new account?

Our RW account has been in my name. There have been two phones in the account - mine and my wife’s. Monthly payments have been made for both phones from my account. We would like to have the two phone in separate accounts - my phone in my account and my wife’s in her account. Today I “assigned” her phone to her email address (she’s had a RW account for years but without a phone in the account). Her phone now appears in her account. However, it appears monthly payments (and all other changes to her phone) will still need to be made for both phones from my account. Question: is there a way for her account to be set up so that she can be in charge of her phone 100 percent - make monthly payments, add data when needed, change her data plan? Thank you to this community for the help! - Henry

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I would refer you to this Help Article, How to Move Your Number from One Account to Another – Republic Help, this will provide you all the necessary steps as it takes both of you opening tickets.
You may want to un-assign her phone prior to starting the procedure

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The simple answer is that assigning the phone does not change the way it is paid or open up the ability to pay with a different card. The phone would actually have be moved to a different account following the directions in the post by @jben


Thanks for your help. - Henry

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