Asus Aimesh and Wireline Adapters: My Solution for Wi-Fi Issues

I am going to start by giving a backstory on our Wi-Fi troubles so bear with me!

Starting a few years ago, my family started having some serious problems with our Wi-Fi signal. We live in a two story house and our router has always been on the second floor on the complete opposite side of our living room. Thus, the signal in a part of our living room was always pretty weak. Starting a few years ago though, the signal in other parts of our living room would drop off to different devices at different times. You would be browsing and then all-of-a-sudden, the page would hang and then, boom, your offline. It was incredibly frustrating. We switched providers in hopes that it would change it and it did not.

Eventually I decided that we should try a mesh system to fix our Wi-Fi troubles. However, Google’s mesh system was too expensive (like others). Eventually, I stumbled upon an article talking about Asus’ AImesh software and I was intrigued. I looked into it and found out that it would be cheaper than using other mesh systems like Google Wi-Fi or others so we went with that. I am happy to report that it went well, but more on that in the next section.

I ended up deciding on the Asus AC1750-B1 model. Someone was selling two refurbished ones on eBay for $139.98. I purchased the routers. After having to get a replacement for one that was DOA, we had them both up and running (the mesh connection was utilizing Wi-Fi). However, we were still experienced the Wi-Fi dropouts in our living room-even though we had a node in the room. Thus, I figured out that the problem was probably due to interference from something.

That’s when I decided to buy a wireline adapter and use it for a direct connection to our other router (thus bypassing the suspected interference area between the main router and the node). I bought the two wireline adapters (Comtrend PowerGrid 9172) for a total of $45 (the price of all the equipment now approached that of two Google mesh routers). I installed them and had the two routers connected via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi. That was the fix! The speeds downstairs only max out at 60MB/s or so, but the stability and coverage is so much better!

All that to say: if you are experiencing Wi-Fi issues, I would strongly recommend Asus’ Aimesh system (on capable routers only) and connecting them via wireline adapters. There is one caveat though: your mileage will vary with the wireline adapters based on the wiring in your house and amount of electricity in use.


Thanks for the update … I hope it will encourage others to take this and similar approaches.

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Thanks @jben!

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