AT&T number transfer

Can I transfer an AT&T number if I’m on someone else’s AT&T plan? Any suggestions as far as where to get the PIN number, etc. Thanks for any help provided.

Hi @geraldd.kaipen!

You should be able to port it to Republic! Just to be sure, you can enter it and check here: Number Transfer | Republic Wireless. As for the PIN and other info, the owner of the account should be able to provide that information. In the event that he doesn’t know, you may have to ask the individual to contact AT&T for you to get it. I doubt they would give it to you as you aren’t the account holder (I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try though! ). Hope that helps!


Thank you mb2x. That’s what I thought but wanted to confirm.


No problem! Let me or anyone else know if you have any issues! By the way, welcome to the community!

Since my current number is tied to a family members account at AT&T, I’ll need to use the address, main phone number and PIN from that account as well as the number I want to port to RW when sending the port request Is that correct? Just trying to do everything right the first time and save some headaches. Thanks for the help.

Yep! That sounds correct!

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Have you already port your phone number to RW? How long did it take?

Once the losing carrier confirms the date and time you should have received an email stating that. It is called a Firm Order Commitment (FOC). For our customers, it is typically 24 hours from submission of request.

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