AT&T S7 Edge BYOD after firmware swap


I just udated my AT&T S7 Edge to a new phone. So I would like to bring the S7 Edge to RW by first unlocking (done), swapping the firmware from 935A to 935U. Does anyone know if this is a fools quest or a real possibility?



This MAY work if you’re only interested in activating with Republic’s GSM partner. It likely won’t work if you’re hoping to activate with the CDMA partner because they’ll see the MEID as not able to activate.


Thanks, that’d be fine if it’s either T-Mobile or AT&T. Chris Chuang, RW COO, said it’s the “fastest 4G LTE network in the country” so what, AT&T or T-Mobile? I’m fine dropping off Sprint for T-Mobile GSM coverage.

I guess the only way is to try, and if it doesn’t work, revert.


For contractual reasons, Republic doesn’t identify its GSM network partner. That said, you’ve identified the only two GSM networks in the U.S., so if either is suitable does it matter? If it does matter, the information is readily available at the Wikipedia page for Republic.