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When I first bought my phone, I worked in a building with free WiFi. However, I transferred quite some time ago, and the new office space does have WiFi, but because my cubicle is situated on the other side of the office, the WiFi signal keeps connecting and disconnecting by itself. It usually means that most everything I do is when I am not connected. As a result, my cell data usage is well more than average. Is there anything that I could do to reduce my data usage without just shutting my phone off? Tips and suggestions and anecdotes of your experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!


Set Google Play Store to only update apps via wifi.
Enable Data Saver Mode.

Contact your IT Department and report the poor wifi signal at your workplace.


My bad. I did not specify. I have a Moto G using Android 5.1. Yep. It’s old.
And second and more important, our work is done with high confidentiality of records and record-keeping. Some locations do not have WiFi. Some locations you turn in your cell phones and tablets at the door. I’m not trying to start a discussion about rights or any of that, so please don’t make any comments. I’m just trying to figure out how to reduce my data, and I just plain forgot to specify how old my tech is.
Got you covered on the Google Play Store - so thanks for that as well.


I have no idea where u got that idea or premise that such a topic was hinted at bring up or is relevant to your question on reducing data use.

Second, the phone you use, the old Moto G , I have to assume its the G1 or G3 as those are the only Android 5.1 and 2.0 Refund plan based R.W phones. Those phones have a R.W. Custom ROM on it that has baked in data controls in the R.W. app itself to block selected apps from Mobile Data use. (They do not have the Data Save feature I previously linked to as that is only for newer devices.)

Also, I would suggest checking each of the apps u use internal settings to only use wifi, like YouTube - Only Stream in HD on Wifi, or Google Photos - Only backup pictures on wifi…etc.


Ugh. My apologies. I didn’t intend to say you were trying to do any of those things. Was just trying to nip it in the bud before it happened.
Second. Yeah. I think I do have to update my phone pretty soon.
Third. A good going through is probably a good idea. I probably don’t do that often enough.

Thanks again!


No worries. An old roommate of mine works for a IT company that is contracted by DOD…so he has the “Secure Area” thing he deals with at certain locations in his work place.

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