ATA Connected & Rings, Cell Phone Does Not

Well, my ATA is connected just fine to my Wifi at home and the ATA works beautifully.

My cell phone (Moto Z4 Android Pie) on the other hand is not ringing. When I go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wifi it shows the phone is connected to my Wifi. But if I try to dial out on the cell phone it says no cell phone service. This happens often but not always.

I do have Doze Detect 0.9.6 installed so the phone sleeping is not the issue.

Any ideas?

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Knowing how the ATA works I can’t see how this would possibly affect it at all. The adapter is just another device on your network. It is completely independent your cell phone doesn’t even know it’s there. Sounds like an unrelated doze mode issue

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I am not by any means suggesting that the ATA caused this. So far it has been flawless.

The calls in question were in my contacts list and not blocked by any apps.

Just happened to me. Phone is plugged in, and is connected to WiFi. Phone on ATA rang, and I competed the call on that phone,

No record of the call on my phone.

Like @obie are you also unable to call out?

A reboot fixed it. Weird.

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