ATA no longer working

My husband noticed this morning that only one light was on the ATA. ( I believe it was the power button. O lifted the phone and sure enough no dial tone.

My husband checked the connections in back and it lit up for a second but then was gone as soon as he moved his hand.

Now no lights are on. If I plug in the power cord the blue power light lights up but as soon as I remove my hand, it goes out. I can’t get any lights on at all.

I haven’t moved the ATA so I am not sure why the ports don’t seem to be holding the connection all of a sudden (although I admit, we have a lot of wires behind the TV, is it possible a cord was adding weight to the ATA wires and loosened the port?).

Any help would much appreciated. I would very much like to continue using the service

Is your cell phone showing calls over WiFi at this time?

Yes, my phone is connected to WiFi as I am home.

I was able to finagle a way to keep the power cord connected. I put the ATA upright (so the lights are facing out and the cords are at the top) instead of flat like before). It’s sort of leaning against my router and after finding a power cord position where it stayed connected, I slowly backed away. After a minute, it started cycling and now all 3 lights are on and there is a dial tone.

My concern is that a slight jostle will lose the power. It reminds me of the loose port my USB-C suffers from due to lint. Could that be the issue for the loose port?

Initially there was a light on, so at the time, the unit had power. I don’t think the power connection was the problem.

Do you have another USB-micro charger you could try with the unit to see if the connection is better?

I suppose it’s possible that if something has been pulling on the power cord for a period of time, either the cord itself or the port has been damaged in some way. Usually the port on a phone wears out due to constant use. People are plugging and unplugging their phones one or more times a day. Misuse is also a big factor, since while doing all that plugging, people tend to think they need to wiggle things side to side, or up and down, stressing the connection. I doubt your adapter has experienced such use or misuse, so we wouldn’t expect the port to be worn out.

Lint usually accumulates in a phone port when the phone spends time in a linty pocket or purse, again something I doubt your adapter has experienced, but If you suspect an accumulation of foreign matter is to blame, you might try blowing the port out with canned air or cleaning it gently (while unplugged) with a vacuum.

I definitely have not pulled the plug out since my first setup. I will try another usb-micro charger. Would one from an old cell phone work?

I wish I didn’t have such a mess of cords and wires behind my TV. It’s chaos back there between the HDMI cables, Ethernet cables to the router and cables to the modem and stereo speakers. We tried cable ties before but they were more a pain than helpful

Yes, any microUSB charger will work fine.

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