Attempting to leave Republic for almost 2 weeks good luck trying


Ive been a customer for about 6+ years.
I used to like republic it was a great value.
Then the price started to rise and the quality of service decline.
Two weeks ago I tried to port my sons number to a provider that gives unlimited voice and text with a gig of data for 1/2 the price.

Instantly republic declined the port because of an “error”
I find this very odd as you’ll see later when trying to port my number out they claim they can’t see if the information is correct or not. Although they did send me an email saying the port out failed.
Tech support is trying to tell me that I accidentally tried to port in but I have the email stating differently.
Either you can see the porting information or you can’t. It can’t be both ways.

So anyways I ended up giving up on that port and the new company activated my sons phone instantly.

Now my phone I started the port over 4 days ago.
RW said wait 24 hours
I waited.
RW said wait 48 hours
I waited.
RW now says wait 10 days.
I’m waiting
RW claims they don’t even see a port out pending

New provider sends me multiple emails a day.

Hello Customer,

Please be informed that your old carrier is not releasing the number, can you please contact them and ask them if there is anything we need to do from our end so they can release the number sooner.

Heres the information I have gathers step by step for porting a number

RW Doesnt seem to be able to make it past step #2

1 The new service provider notifies the old service provider of the requested port.

2 The old service provider is asked to validate the subscriber’s information.
We are hung up here. RW WILL NOT VERIFY the information.

Now who are we going to believe? RW is Losing a customer, the new provider has even stepped up my service for free because of the issues RW is causing. Basically the new provider is giving me UNLIMITED DATA FREE for a YEAR because RW is refusing to let go of my number in a timely fashion.

3 The old service provider confirms the subscriber’s information and notifies the new service provider. (Note: this is where the process gets caught in a loop if the subscriber information submitted isn’t right.)
4 The new service provider notifies the NPAC of the requested port.
5 The NPAC creates a pending port and sends a notification to the old service provider.
6 Optionally, the old service provider notifies the NPAC that it concurs with the port.
7 The new service provider notifies the NPAC to activate the port.
8 The pending port is activated in the NPAC and broadcast to the telecommunications industry network within milli-seconds.


Who are you porting the number to? It’s usually a matter of simply following the document below (unless Comcast/Xfinity or Cricket are involved):

Comcast/Xfinity just seem to be incompetent, while Cricket simply refuses to port a number from Republic Wireless.


Bottom of that page linked to by cbwahlstrom:

  • If your new carrier tells you that Republic Wireless needs to release the number , ask them for the Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date for the number transfer. They should either have a FOC date or an error message. You may need to escalate with the new carrier to get the answer to this, but they should provide it."

Second…what is the new provider? Some will not accept a port in of VoIP/Landline numbers like R.W. numbers are.

You may need to cancel the existing port request and start a new one. Be sure you have updated you R.W. account PIN before hand.


I’m going to guess Xfinity. They take 10-13 days to port numbers from Republic. They do this with all wireline numbers, whether from Republic, Vonage or your old Verizon landline. Their front line reps also couldn’t find their phones with both hands. It could also be Verizon proper, who in their own FAQ says they take 3-10 days to port wireline numbers or AT&T who often can’t even figure out what carrier their porting from. In all cases, the issue is on the other end.


Hi @brianh.hf073e,

Let me just offer a few details to help with some of the confusion you’ve raised.

Our agents can access the details of attempts to port in, because you provide that information in the Account portal.
They cannot see the details of attempts to port out.
If you tell them what info you gave your new carrier, they can verify whether that info matches what’s in your account, but they cannot verify what you actually told the new carrier.
Errors trigger an automated E-mail giving you information about the error. Any E-mail you received about an error during an attempt to port out was automated. It has a closing signature to make it more personable, but I will let the team responsible for the content of those error E-mails know that it causes confusion when our members think agents sent the E-mail and have access to the port-out info.

I’ve reviewed the many conversations you’ve had on this topic with our chat agents, and I will say that the advice to wait a specific number of hours was premature. That waiting period is actually a period of time between when the port is successful and when the port is complete. During this period your RW phone may continue to receive calls and texts and the RW service will not be canceled until this waiting period is over, as doing so may cause added complications.

To know when your port will take place, please request the FOC (Firm Order Commitment) date from your new carrier. This date is set by the new carrier. as part of the port request. Please let us know what they say.


sorry for the slow reply, I have a job.
Also here a nice little quote from my last chat with your representative.
If you dont believe me check the chat logs, this is a notice to any prospective buyers.

ME " I guess Ill go ask in the forums then"
REPRESENTATIVE “The Forums won’t help you.”
ME " Maybe not put it will give any prospective customers a second thought"

Republic is a great discount service IF YOU DONT NEED ANY HELP, WITH ANYTHING, EVER.
If you ever do need help good freaking luck.

My new provider has even asked to contact republic wireless via live phone conversation to transfer the number and republic wireless refuses!
Republic wireless asked to resubmit the request we did, they still wont release it.
republic wireless said wait, we waited and nothing.
republic wireless asks for a email submission.
We did that, and they STILL say they didnt recieve a request.
well heres the logs.

  1. Dear Customer,

Please contact your carrier and request for them to release your phone number.
Thank you.

2.: Hello,

The port still shows in progress since yesterday.
Thank you.

3 .Dear Customer,

Please note that the port still shows in progress, your carrier has not yet released the number.

  1. Hello Customer,

Please be informed that your old carrier is not releasing the number, can you please contact them and ask them if there is anything we need to do from our end so they can release the number sooner.

Here we go remember republic wireless hasn’t received a request…right?

RW REPLY - Republic Wireless numbers are considered VoIP (Voice Over Internet) numbers, so we are recognized by companies as wireline instead of wireless. Due to this, transferring numbers from Republic Wireless can take longer than expected. Usually, the number transfer can take about 72 business hours but could be as long as 10 business days in rare cases. So, as long as there are no errors you have received all you will need to do is give it a little more time. We cannot expedite the process on our end as we are the losing carrier and cannot see the details of the request.

  1. Dear Customer,

Based on this information port will take around 10 business days to complete, we will advise you once they release the number.

RW Reply - Some providers do not allow transfers from linewire please check with your new provider.

  1. Dear Customer,

We checked and they confirmed that we accept ports from wireline now were just waiting for them to release the number over to us.


  1. Dear Customer,

Once the port completes, please remind us so we can change your plan as a courtesy.
As a courtesy we have also changed the plan for phone # XXXXXXXXXX, we only updated the stack plan the current plan remains the same since there is already usage on the current plan.



republic wireless is so BAD!!!
now they gave me this.
If you want to, you can have your new provider email

  1. Dear Customer,

We usually do not contact the customer current carrier, However we have requested for them to release the number.



Nov 15, 2:02 PM EST


We have been contacted by a customer who is trying to port his number over to us however the port is taking longer than expected to be released by your port department.
Please check and release the number as soon as possible.
Customer name;XXXXXXXXX



RW reply

Hi Erenia,

I just checked again and we have not received any requests for XXXXXXXXX. You need to submit a request.



  1. : Hello,

Do you want us to cancel the port and resubmit it? We apologize but this is an issue with your current carrier and it is out of our control. We have done everything on our end to contact them as well as resubmitting port twice.

We are not sure why your carrier is making this difficult to port out of their network, you may contact them and inform them that you will complain to FCC if they do not release your number ASAP.


heres what I’m going to do.
This is the last time release my number.
I am submitting a complaint Because of the advice of new carrier.

Im filing one with the Better Business Bureau.
And Im filing one with the FCC as soon as I get done typing this.

Republic Wireless is at FAULT.
Release my number!!!


Hi @brianh.hf073e,

I understand you’re getting a lot of different answers from a lot of different directions. That’s partially because our agents have no visibility into the status of a port-out.

Have you asked the new provider what the FOC date is?


While I have yet to attempt porting out of R.W, That is the exact statement I would make with all other carriers out there. I have had issues and it a waste of time to try and call in or email, or use their web forums. VZW and Tmobile Pre-Paid Customer Service in particular was very useless and in fact, their agents pretty much treat you like you are not important, and a bother to them, because you on not a Post-paid customer. And any time my folks call in to VZW for help with their account or phones they get someone hard to understand in a call center in India.

R.W, here in the community forums, i have gotten far more and almost immediate help and suggestions to any issues, trivial or serious, that I have had with R.W. This is something that I never expected nor have ever encountered on any other carrier. Actual employees of this company are reachable on here if needed, and the Community Manager (SouthPaw) is an excellent resource for solving issues and getting tings sent to the correct person or team to help.

Now, I have mixed experiences with the different “Experts” R.W. has appointed, as well as the people that work the Tickets. I had 2 separate major issues with intermittent, but frequent, poor call quality, and the first 2 times, the Help Ticket process was…not so helpful in resolving the issues. But the 3rd time, where I had constant issues, finally got someone who was extremely helpful and we helped identify a issues that was affecting others. Now, wiht the other carriers, just try to chat with a Engineer or someone who can actually go into the logs and servers etc of the service diagnose your line specifically…you can’t. U just get endless “copy & Paste” responses.

As far as your porting out woes, maybe there is some unique situation or issue that has fouled up the process. But as far has been told by many here and the documentation I have read, the process is 99.9% done by the other carriers automated port system.

I can say if you are trying to move to Xfinity Cell Service, my folks can attest to the nightmare they had with them trying to switch from VZW to what was claimed to be a better deal. It took them nearly 3 months to get that mess fixed. I don’t trust Comcast, never will.

I do hope things get figured out for you.


thanks speedingcheetah.
I do too.
Whats odd is that republic wireless claims they have no pending port out.
I thought they couldnt see anything…

anyways, the Email sent from my new provider to republic wireless was CC’d to me I can see republic wireless’s email address in the header. Yet they ( republic wireless) claim to have no request.

As far as customer service.
My new provider I have called 7 times now.
Each time I spoke to a real person.
I never had to wait on hold.
I never spoke to a computer.
And they spoke English.

They are even willing to do it Manually on the phone with republic wireless.


Nowhere in any of this is the name of your new carrier. Xfinity takes 10-14 days, Verzion’s website says they take 3-10 days, AT&T tends to take about 7 days, T-mobile more or less 3 days, Sprint about the same. Other MVNOs can take a lot of time and not really have good insight in to the process because the request is actually MVNO to their carrier to Republic’s carrier who verifies info with Republic and then let’s the other carrier know who notifies the MVNO you’re going to. With 4 parties involved thing are slow and complicated.

If you share the name of the carrier you’re going to, we can share the experience that people generally have moving their number tot them.


I suspect there is a reason why brianh.hf073e continuously avoids answering this straight-out question.


His provider has emailed him all the answers he needs but when and how his number is ported!