Audio issues at other end of voice call after Nougat 7.1.1 update?


I got the Nougat 7.1.1 update on my Nexus 6p a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then, people at the other end of the line have complained about hearing themselves echo during a call (I don’t hear their echo). This is happening when I’m both on and off of speakerphone.

It’s also present when I used Google Hangouts voice call, so it’s not just during normal phone calls. I’m not sure if it happens only on Wi-Fi or on cellular as well.



I noticed the last update to the Republic app was intended to make it work better with Android N. Perhaps opening a service ticket would be a good idea.



You may want to enable Republic App Settings/Advanced Settings/Allow manual handover

… then while in a conversation that the far end is experiencing echo … shift over to Cell

This will help you determine if it is WiFi or Cell and rule out any possible side effect of ‘Bonded Calling’ … and ensure you are at the latest Republic Wireless App Update: Version



My wife and I both have Nexus 6P’s and we are also experiencing the same echo problems described above. Once in a while we have the echo on our end of the phone call also but it is much worse for the person calling us. It is very hard to have a conversation when you hear yourself with a slight delay. I use my phone for work also and it is becoming a major problem. Hope to find a solution soon!



I tried this and the person I was talking to said the echo went away when I was on cellular. So it seems to be a Wi-Fi issue, based on that.

To clarify, the person called me, I answered with Wi-Fi and they told me there was an echo of their own voice, I switched manually to cellular during the call, and the person said the echo of their own voice was gone.



Unfortunately, this work around doesn’t help us out. We barely have any cell reception at home (if I try to switch, I will most likely loose the call) and it is where we use the phone the most, as I also work from home.



Oh yeah, I can imagine…especially since Republic’s main deal is for Wi-Fi based services



@jamesonc.hz05hi and @todw,

I would suggest that you both open a Ticket with Republic Help and provide them full details, including the following:

  • The fact that you are atRepublic Wireless App Update: Version
  • When you manually handover to Cell the party you were calling no longer hears the echo on their end
  • The number you were calling/in conversation with and the time of the call.


Just did jben.

I will post the solution, if one is found. Hopefully, anyone else that comes up with the answer will do the same.



I’ve got the same issue. Confirmed that problem goes away when switched to cell, this only happens on WiFi, regardless of whether it’s on speaker (Echo seems to be louder in that case though). Hopefully an update to the Republic app will find a fix!



I would suggest that you do as @todw did and open a ticket as I suggested above. Given that information from multiple users, on different phones and different cell/WiFi configurations will be a help in assembling enough information to root cause the problem and provide a fix.



Already opened one. They suggested confirming I’m on the latest software version, and reinstalling the Republic App. I checked for an OTA update on my 6P and there isn’t one, but I went and looked at the Nexus factory OTA page:

Full OTA Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices | Google APIs for Android | Google Developers

Here I found that there are two recently released January builds for the 6P (N4F26I and N4F26J) that I haven’t installed, my phone is on NMF26F. Downloading the latest OTA (N4F26J) now to flash, and I will report back with an update once that’s finished.

UPDATE: Flashed the latest OTA and reinstalled the Republic app, neither made a difference.

Just confirmed that this same issue occurs in a Hangouts call as well.

Other things I’ve noticed: My bro recently got a Republic 6P, and now because of the awesome echo problems, calling him results in a horrible feedback loop with both phones echoing. Bad news.



Hi @jamesonc.hz05hi,

Thank you for bringing up this issue. We are currently investigating it. If you would, please take a moment to submit a support ticket and ask that that your issue be attached to Master Ticket 1038222.

@todw and @josiahl.yhwqvv, thank you very much for submitting tickets. Yours are already attached to the master ticket and you’ll be notified whenever our technicians determine a resolution.

We are seeing instances of the same issue across other carriers. As a temporary workaround, some users have found that covering the noise cancellation mic on the back of the phone or switching the call to cell does improve the situation.

To anyone else experiencing any sort of echo, please note that master ticket 1038222 is not relevant in all echo situations. It is very specific to:

  • Echo heard by the other party only.
  • Android 7.1.1 only.
  • Wi-Fi calls only


I’ve been experiencing the same problem. One thing that seems to be helping me is to plug in earbuds that have a built-in microphone. Let’s hope that 7.1.2 fixes this issue.



I just installed the 7.1.2 update and the echo is now gone on my Nexus 6p!


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