Audio Recording a Phone Conversation

Hi! I have a Moto G third gen. I would like to use my phone to record conversations I have with business clients. These conversations are sometimes 45 - 60 minutes long.

  1. Is there a way to record calls of this length, and if so, how?

  2. How can I transfer the audio file to my computer so I can have my transcriptionist convert the audio file into text?

Thank you, Daniel.

There are several call recorders in the Play store:

call recorder - Google Play

I think you have to use a recorder app. Since this is for business, I would pay for the app.

This one looks pretty good for 2 bucks. It looks like it saves the call in a wave format on a SD card that you can buy for your phone, which any computer should be able to read. PCM Recorder Pro - Android Apps on Google Play

If your computer doesn’t have a SD card reader you can buy one, or you should be able to attach a usb cable to a computer and the phone and transfer the wave files that way at the end of the day. Since this is business, I would back the SD card up daily.

PCM Recorder Pro - Android Apps on Google Play

Did it work? I installed a call recording app on my Moto G3 & it caused my calls to drop.

it worked when I turned off WiFi.

The app I used wasn’t effective on capturing the other person’s voice as
well as it captured mine, so I’m still looking for a good phone app where
the quality of the recording is equal and good for both speakers. If you
find one, PLEASE let me know! Thank you, Daniel.

Which call recording app do you use, please?

The best solution is likely to make the call via GoogleVoice and use GV’s built-in call recording feature which records right at the network layer.

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