Audio Stops When Screen Goes Off

I have a Moto G Power and when I’m listening to podcasts the audio goes off when the screen does. We have 3 other Motos at home, two old ones that we run just on Wifi, that don’t do this… but I can’t find the difference in settings that explains it.


Hi @robbs

Which podcast app are you using, please?

Thanks for responding… ALL audio shuts down when the screen times out. It could be a Tune-in link on a webpage in Chrome, or a podcast.

I’ll get the controls for the audio… FF Pause etc on the notification page but when the screen times out… the audio stops.

Thanks for responding. This has been a problem from day one… and it must be a setting somewhere… like when I first tried to text… I got no keyboard. I had to give it permission. I know it’s not battery saver because it’s always off.

Wait… I did something I can’t remember what, but it’s working.


If you figure out what you did, please let us know. I’m sure you’re not the only person who has encountered this problem. I’ve seen a couple other complaints on other forums with no answer as to how to fix.

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