August: What's New and What's in the Works


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Last quarter, we brought back a data notification feature on our Clear Choice and Refund Plans, improved the look and searchability of our Help page, and launched two new devices. We’ve kept up that momentum this quarter making progress on several projects. Read below to learn what we’ve been up to! Republic Anywhere Launch Republic Anywhere is a new product that allows our members to text and send messages for FREE from a variety of supported devices (Republic phones, PCs using Windows or Linux systems, and Mac computers). It’s synced to your phone number so you’ll always be able to…


I’m all for tooting Republic’s horn, but isn’t including the S6 Nougat upgrade, the Pixel & Nexus security patches, the Moto security patches and the Samsung security patches a bit disingenuous? The only things that Republic did to “deliver faster upgrades to your devices” in these cases is allow the devices on the network.


Kudos for all you’ve done. :slight_smile:

I am not seeing much in that post about anything in the works. How about reaching out to Moto to see when 7.1 will be coming to z play? And of course getting google to fix their schizzy push notifications. Now that I have given in and installed an email client app I get BOTH notifications.


Yeah, ditto. Great work on all that has been accomplished. But this post left me wanting…wanting to know what’s in the works.


And what is the split screen feature on republic anywhere?


I assume what that’s referring to, is the ability to have multitasking windows. Only available in Android 7.0+.


I’m looking for IPv6 on Republic. I’m deploying IPv6 only services and they are only reachable from my work cell phone on ATT. I can get on WiFi or VPN and access them that way but it is tedious at the least.

At least give us IPv6 addressing to our devices.

Long term, go IPv6 only like other mobile providers and win the Internet.


Why does Anywhere require all those phone resources? An what security concerns does that raise? I do not have Location turned on EVER, for example!


Hoping to see new data plans in the future. For the bare bones (1 gig) plans, Republic Crushes the competition…BUT…You need to compete with regards to the larger data plans. I just canceled two of four Republic lines due to Boost/Walmart having a killer deal on unlimited data plans using the Sprint system. Purchased two iPhone 6’s for $199 each and Family plan for two, unlimited high speed data, $70/month with auto pay. My wife and I don’t use much data, so Republic is still the way to go. The kids however, WANT THE DATA! Boost plan for family of four…total monthly would only be $120 for unlimited 4g! I want to support Republic but you need to stay competitive. Regards, Dave.


I noticed you posted this in as its own topic; Unlimited Data Plans. I think the first comment on your post says it all. We are designed to be WiFi-first and must focus on members that are aligned with our vision. We cannot compete by being a broad service in head to head competition. We compete for people who think that unlimited is a waste and that they want the opportunity to save if they use less.


Actually, a lot more goes into this. I wish we could do so little. We do test the updates in advance, when possible, and add them to our supported list for new activations. The updates do not always pass and sometimes require us to work with our partners, carriers, and manufacturers to resolve.


A lot that we have in the works just not ready to be discussed. The joy of a monthly post.

Not our story to tell. I think Moto would need to give this detail.

Also not our story to tell. Only Google can answer this.


The joy of being a Messaging app. It touches a lot of the capabilities of the phone and we need to be granted those capabilities to work. Android’s rules not ours. It should not be a security concern, I would hope you trust our app is working as other messaging apps do.


We compete for people who think that unlimited is a waste and that they want the opportunity to save if they use less.

I’m not saying this to be snarky–If you’re serious about this segment, then bring back the refund plans. My Moto X 2nd gen is in its dying throes, and I’ve been on a refund plan since my Defy XT and find it a fantastic value and am pretty ticked that I have to give it up. My average bill is ~$24/month on the 2GB plan.

I don’t buy that refund plans are “too complicated” because all the hard work was already done on the back end to handle the billing cycles.


If your bill is about $24 a month on the refund plan, that means that you’re using about $14 of data, or just under 1GB. On the new plans, you’d be paying only $20! Welcome to Clear Choice Plans.


My problem is that I need the flexibility to jump up to 2GB. That puts me on a $30/month plan with no refund for unused data. My typical usage is right around 1100MB/month. That’s as pared down as I get. Yeah, I know that’s $5-6, but I don’t like the hassle.


Not quite as seamless, but it really is very fast. You can buy the 1GB plan, and on months where you don’t exceed, you’ll save a few bucks. When you need the extra data, it takes 30 seconds to move to the 2GB plan, and yes, on those months it’ll cost a couple of extra dollars.


With the announcement of Android Oreo, is Republic in the process of testing support for it? I read that Google is in the process of doing carrier testing for its Nexus and Pixel phones. I can tell you first hand that as of this morning there are some incompatibilities. The main issue I have is that SMS messages will only go through if connected to WiFi. They will just not go out or come in when on cell only.

Hoping this is in the works soon for any Pixel and Nexus users on RW.


are you using Android Messages app, Republic Anywhere app, or some other third party SMS app?
if third party or Android Messages please try the Republic anywhere
if Republic Anywhere try Android Messages


I am using the default for the Pixel which is Google Messages. I can give Republic Anywhere a try once I am back home on a better WiFi network. My work WiFi blocks calls and SMS/MMS messages from being sent or received and also is not allowing the Republic Anywhere app from authenticating. I will report back if that fixes the issue, but I am honestly having some doubt with that as prior to the Oreo update I was able to send and receive SMS messages with no problem.