Authenticating Twitter with Google voice?

Have u actualy tried to setup a new Twitter account and use it with a GV number? Like withing in the last year.

I have not been able to to get the account to stay working. Making one for a friend. The account gets locked out by Twitter and requires verification via phone, then does not accept the number or never get text.

I have no need for a new Twitter account. I don’t really use the one I have. Like Facebook, it’s just not my thing. That said, I’m able to add and delete numbers for 2FA at will on my existing Twitter account. Three GV numbers work for that purpose as do other household numbers using traditional mobile service providers. Multiple household Republic numbers are rejected as being “invalid” by Twitter.

When I last contacted Twitter support largely as the result of folks here previously posting about issues with Twitter not accepting Republic numbers, they expressly advised me Twitter refuses VoIP numbers generally but does accept GV numbers.

It “accepts” it for initial signup. but the account gets locked and require verification after a hour or so. I have to see if i saved screen shots of when i tried that.

I gave it a shot after you mentioned it above. I opened a new account using a new GV number. That was 49 minutes ago. I’ll update.

Update 1: Now at 1 hour an 11 minutes. Still no issue. I can log-in and out of Twitter without issue and no objection to the GV number or lock of the account of any kind.

Update 2: As of about 13 hours now, no issues. Twitter still works fine, no rejection of account, login or my GV number.

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