"Authentication error occurred"

My office has a password protected wifi. I’ve logged in many times, and I have enabled auto-reconnect. Many times, however, if I awaken my phone from sleep, I find I’m not connected to the wifi, and the reason shown is “Authentication error occurred.” I don’t know why the phone’s reacting that way. There’s no user or password change, and therefore shouldn’t be any authentication issue. If I ignore the situation, and check again later, often I’ll find I’m logged into wifi, despite having done nothing.

Is there some setting I should check to deal with this.

I have a Samsung S10+.

Hello @jaylh

I’m sorry your post has gone unanswered.
Are you still having the issue?

If so, does it happen when reconnecting to other WiFi spots, like at home, or only at your office WiFi?

Yes, I still have the issue.

I have not noticed the problem reconnecting to other WiFi spots, but only at my office WiFi. That said, I have a tablet and a Chromebook at my office. Neither has the connection problem.

Often, it takes many tries to connect to my office wifi, including toggling wifi off and back on on the phone. Again, I have no comparable problem with either the tablet or the chromebook.

Good information, thank you. :slight_smile:

If you were at home I would suggest turning the router (WiFi) off and back on again. That might not be possible for your office thought. My only other suggestion is to “forget” your office WiFi on your phone and then try to reconnect to it and see if it re-connects any better.

I’m afraid I have no magic answer, but I’m glad that your phone eventually connects and it’s not something you experience everywhere.

Try the “forget” WiFi and see if that helped.

You’re right I can’t reboot the office router.

I’ve tried the forget approach. Doesn’t help.

I think it has something to do with the uneven quality of the office wifi signal. Why that translates into an authentication error message escapes me, however. The fact that no one else seems to have experienced this, and that the phone connects without this sort of error elsewhere, suggests to me that it’s probably not a phone issue.

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Thank you for the followup!

I totally agree with you. :slight_smile:

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