Authentication problem again

I have a problem with my wifi authenticating. My wife has same phone but has no problem. I have forgotten the wifi and re-entered the password. Same problem. I have re-boot phone and wifi with same results. I’m out of solutions

Sounds like there is still some undiscovered differences between your wifes phone and yours?

  • What phones are you using?
  • Have you booted your phone into Safe Mode (to eliminate 3rd party apps) as a test?
  • Have you re-booted your router, incase it’s one of the tables there that is corrupted?
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Hi @mikem.yhraf9,

Typically when the error is “authentication problem” that means the password being entered is not an exact match for that Wi-Fi network.

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No, what it means is that my wifi, for some strange reason, blocked my device. It’s not always the password.

Hi @mikem.yhraf9
A wifi router is a thing and does not usually block devices … Try the horizontal/landscape position of the phone and have a larger screen to type the password. More than likely this is simply human error…I do it all the time!

On the other end if the device is blocked then I would contact the router or the service provider and clear it up with them. Republic has nothing to do with your home wifi. That has to be fixed on your end!

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