"Authentication problem" when I'm trying to connect my Moto G 3rd gen to my home WiFI


I did recently change providers. But, in the meantime, I connected the laptop and wireless printer to the network. (so maybe I’m not a total dunce) Now. To the Moto G. I locate my network just fine, enter the password (uppercase, lower case, symbols and numbers as I did for the other 2 devices. I get a message “Authenticating”. Shortly thereafter, I get another message “Authentication problem”. I must have gone over it 10 times with the same results.

Has anyone else had this issue? I tried MW and they suggested I try here first. I’m anxious to get started but that’s my problem. I can’t go anywhere from here.

Any help suggestions (short of throwing the phone away) would be appreciated.

Have a great Friday all!



Do you have show password checked? It is very easy to fat finger an entry on these small screens. Turning the phone screen to landscape is helpful.

If your laptop uses Windows, verify that you are indeed using the correct password.

For Windows 10:

  1. Go into the control panel. Ask Cortana in the “Ask me anything” for control panel if you don’t know how to find it.

  2. Select “Network and Internet”

  3. Select “Network and Sharing Center”

  4. Under access type connections Internet, select your WiFi network.

  5. Under Wireless Network Connection Status, select Wireless properties.

  6. Under your network’s name Wireless Network Properties, select the Security tab

  7. Check the “show characters” box. That will show your password.



In addition to the good information provided aboveby @marshallh, we have seen instances where users were still using a ‘generic’ router name

like 'Linksys or Netgear etc … you may be trying to sign on to someone else’s router

This comment provides the states you should see and some of the common things users have done to fix the problem


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