Authentication Problem


I am having a problem - my phone says there is an authentication problem when trying to connect to WI-FI - How can this be corrected??


this is usually a bad password for the network

first forget the WiFi network in question and then add it back putting in the correct password


I tried this - It connected - saved- authenticating - authentication problem


Does this happen on one WiFi or all? Can it be narrowed down to a network?


Assuming this is your network (home WiFi), because this is invariably a password problem, I would suggest the following

  • Power cycle your Network
  • Forget and log in one of your non phone devices
  • Forget and log in your phone
    • Here is a comment previously created from user experiences that you may want to reference (Authentication)



Were you able to log into WiFi?

  • WiFi is a very important part of the overall Republic WirelessAdaptive Coverage process and many in the community work together to ensure that this works … for all of us
  • Your feedback is important, as the results of fixing your problem may possibly uncover a ‘new wrinkle’ that can be passed on to others