Authorizing Other Phone Owners to Purchase Data

My wife and I recently discovered that my RW credentials were required on her phone (through the RW app) to purchase an additional 1GB of data for her phone.

As a request, can RW please make it possible to authorize select phones on my account to purchase additional data as needed?

This request may be related to the following comment - How to buy data?

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Hi @hutson,

We have established a difference between account owners and account users, and have intentionally made it so that only the account owner is authorized to make purchases on the account.

We do have a couple of options that might help.

  • To solve for remote family members needing data, as described in the link you included, we’ve made it possible for the account owner to add data from the account portal. The account owner no longer has to have the family member’s phone in-hand to add data.

  • We’ve made it possible for you to stay signed into the RW app. You could sign in on your wife’s phone and check the “remember me” box. Then your wife would be able to add data without needing to know your login credentials.

I hope one of these options helps. Otherwise, one remaining choice would be to split your wife’s phone off to her own account.


I like the separation, I can imagine not wanting to give, say, a child’s phone purchase authorization. :grimacing:

I’ll note that I initially logged into my Republic Wireless account and looked for a way to authorize my wife’s phone line to have purchasing authority.

Yes, I think we can make the first option work for us (probably the most reliable option for us)… :+1: It’s also a lot less drastic than splitting off my wife onto her own account.

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