Auto Forward All Text messages to Email


I want to put in a vote for IFTTT again. Although it is overkill in a way because it provides a lot of different features, it is actually easier to understand and set up that it would appear.

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. A simple formula but it makes it simple to use.

To set up what you want (forward all your text messages to your email), you can tell IFTTT to run:

  1. [IF This] Android Receives new text message
  2. [Then That] Send text message to your email.

(In this case, I think IFTTT uses their own servers to send an email to you)

Whichever service you use, there is a bit of trust involved so it all depends on which service you trust more than others.

On a side note, IFTTT is designed to merge together different services. You can tell it that if Google Stock increase by 15%, then turn your lights green.


Thanks, everyone. Maybe I’ll never know the answer to my question, which I guess is okay even though I’m an old techie. Neither of your two helpful replies actually answered this question:

The app has a built-in mail server BUT that is only used for adhoc forwarding. For automated forwarding you need to provide your own mail server including the user name and password. So, my question was: why the distinction?

I could try asking the developer the question, but he didn’t answer my first email. In any event, I will stick with this app, since it’s simple as long it it works. And no, I don’t really care if someone reads my texts.



Actually, my real question is:

How does the external mail server do the automated forward? If there’s no forwarding app running at all times?

I’m fairly certain that, in this case, the app does not run in the background, but only when you invoke it. Presumably, in order for it to handle the automated case, it would have to be running all the time. I actually don’t like apps running all the time in general, so this suits me.


It may not run at all times, it may be trigger based. Essentially, when there is a “write” to the text messaging data store, this triggers the app to wake up and do its thing.


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