Auto joining conference calls? Any possible way on the Moto X (2nd gen)?

Has there been any movement on how to auto dial a conference line? I still get the “number unreachable” message if I do something like 888-888-XXXX,123456# (the latter is the passcode + “#”). I have tried using the MobileDay app which uses the phone app on the Moto X and fails with that number unreachable above.

I remember reading where there was some limitation of not being able to dial more than 10 digits, but is there any kind of work around? Any other app perhaps?


no change in this even for 3.0 phones,
it mostly due to how the dialing system for the 2 different calling network work (WiFi VOIP and Cell network) the timing of delays are different and Republic dialer doesn’t know the what system it’s calling on (and it can change mid dial)

thanks… was hoping for some workaround as for whatever reason i am having difficulty dialing into calls right now via the keypad and have to dial back in 2 or 3 times (seriously) because the passcode which is typed correctly doesn’t take as tho it needs some kind of delay (typed it too fast or too slow, I dunno)?) but it’s driving me crazy as you could guess. :slight_smile:

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