Auto log in to wifi?


I work outdoors near a building that has strong free wifi. For about 75% of my day Im in range of the wifi, but occasionally I have to walk out of range for a little while. Every time I walk back into range i get a notification to log back into the wifi. It requires email, but no password. My old phone, the moto E popped up an option “save actions” blah blah when using this network? I said yes and it would just auto log. I just got the huawaei and I cant seem to find a similar option, nor has one popped up. Is there any way to set it to auto log in?



Hi @aaronk8080,

I’m afraid the feature you reference (which was always beta and worked better for some than others) no longer exists in the 3.0 version of the Republic app.


bummer, but thanks for the reply. Any chance there is an app that does the same thing?


Others have referenced 3rd party apps available via Google’s play store but I don’t have the name of one handy. I think my friend @bocephous is one of those others.


Thanks @rolandh,
I believe your talking about [WiFi Quick Login]
I use it all the time & it works seamlessly on the 1.0/2.0 phones. I haven’t been able to try it on 3.0 phones but here it is. If anyone would care to comment I would appreciate knowing it it works on the 3.0 phones or not.


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