Auto time zone fail Moto g6

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Hi @eileenl.wpkru7,

Could you give us a little more information about the issue you are having?

I am in Ireland and am unable to get current time on my Moto g6. Auto time zone does not work, and manually changing my “home zone” to current time does not over ride the time display. I have been on a WIFI network for several hours and have powered the phone on and off multiple times. Plan includes data, talk, text

Hi @eileenl.wpkru7,

This is an interesting conundrum I’ve not seen before. Presuming your Republic SIM is resident in your phone, would you be kind enough to try placing your phone in Airplane mode, then manually enabling WiFi? Does this allow manually setting the date and time to work?

If needed:


I will give it a try… Yes! Airplane mode, switched WIFI on, went to Settings for Systems, turned off Auto Time zone, tapped on time and changed it ahead 5 hours. Time is now accurate on phone display. THANK YOU!


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