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I’ll be going out of the country for a long period of time and I know that republic doesn’t have an international plan. Is there anyway to set an automatic text reply even without cell reception for the galaxy s7? I won’t have access to wifi either for several weeks at a time. I feel like it isn’t possible but figured I would ask anyways.

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If you will have internet access you can get your text messages via the RW Anywhere app if installed on your phone and device accessing the internet. You would need to keep your RW line active but would work if your powered off phone is sitting stateside in a drawer.



I have the anywhere app and will use it when I get within wifi range. It is just for the long periods in between with no access at all I was wondering if there was an automatic reply that I could set up letting people know that I won’t be able to answer for several days or weeks.


Here is a Tips & Tricks from @rolandh that provides a wealth of information on International Travel with a Republic Phone


Hi @velociraptor,

An auto-responder would require something to know that a text message was received, in order to reply to that text message.

If the phone doesn’t have service, then the phone can’t be that something that knows the message was received.

You could leave a computer running Anywhere, but the Anywhere app doesn’t have an auto-response option. I wonder if it would be possible to cook up something with IfTTT on a computer running Anywhere… @happywillow0?

We don’t have any sort of text-forwarding or auto-responder options on our server, either.

I’m guessing you’re specifically wanting something you could do with your RW phone number, and I’m coming up blank. I do think you could hack something that would do what you want with a Google Voice number - GV allows forwarding texts to E-mail, and you could then set up an auto-responder on the E-mail account. But unless someone who is a pro with IfTTT or Zapier has an idea, I can’t think of a way to do the same thing with a text message to your RW number.


I figured this would probably be the case. I’m no expert in anything that complicated so I might leave someone in charge of my anywhere on a computer back in the states that can reply to important messages when I am out of reach. Thanks!


Would there be a local cell coverage? If so one could pick up a local carrier SIM and use their data for texting with the Republic Anywhere app.


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