Axessorize Glass Screen Protector

Recently I inquired about a recommendation for a screen protector for my recently purchased Moto G Power 2021. I was offered the Axessorize protector by Republic if I’d make an honest review; I’d previously reviewed a case I received. I had a protector on my phone I purchased from eBay. It didn’t have a cutout for the rear-facing camera(selfies), didn’t seem to be sensitive enough to my touch at times, and didn’t completely cover the screen to my satisfaction. Based on these “shortcomings” I decided to request the Axessorize case, primarily because it stated “exact fit” for my phone and it had a cutout for the rear-facing camera. I came to realize that the cutout didn’t matter because I don’t normally use that camera. The instructions with the Axessorize were basic, but part of the cleaning procedure suggested using a blue plastic screen which I wasn’t sure of its purpose. I was a little disappointed when I discovered that my eBay protector covered up more of the screen around the edges than the Axessorize. It probably doesn’t matter much as far as protection goes, but it’s just my preference. I don’t think Axessorize is any more sensitive to the touch; I suspect it’s my phone touch setting that needs adjusting. There is nothing wrong with the Axessorize protector. It does what a screen protector is supposed to do. I’m inclined to give it 3 out of 5 stars simply because it covers the phone screen less than I hoped.