Back Market phones - will they work on Republic

Back Market has peaked my interest regarding it’s used phone selection, but I’m wondering if a phone I purchase here will work on Republic’s network. You can search by provider, and Republic isn’t an option, but many of the phones are unlocked and say they work with all the major carriers. Do I avoid this site or can I make a purchase and transfer my Republic number to one of these phones? Here’s a link to what I’m looking at currently:


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I have no experience shopping with “Black Market” but that aside, the model number of the phone you linked to matches the model number Republic supports: SM-G781U1

Yes. :slight_smile:

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This should help after you get the phone: :slight_smile:

I would urge caution. I too have no experience with BackMarket BUT I do have lots of experience with helping customers who have purchased phones at places like eBay, Amazon and Swappa. Samsung phones are the most highly manipulated phones out there. Sellers regularly play software tricks to make phones appear to be the factory unlocked “U1” version even when they’re not. The only way to tell for sure is to look at what’s etched under the glass on the back of the phone. The phones that are “hacked” to look like unlocked phones will not properly activate on Republic.


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