Back orders for the Moto G Power

I want to order the new Moto G Power. It now says it will be back ordered. Given our virus/shut down situation, does that mean 2-4 weeks before delivery or something possibly much longer? I’m a 6 year customer. If I purchase the phone tonight, when will RW debit my credit card? Immediately or when the phone is sent to me? Thanks! Everyone try to stay safe. We’re in for a long one.

Hi @johnd.8e056v!

Welcome back!

I have looked at the device and Republic is expecting for the phone to be in stock in 1-2 weeks. Additionally, Republic will only charge your card after the phone is in stock. Please see this article regarding payments: FAQ: When do you charge my card? – Republic Help .

I hope that helps!


Hi again @johnd.8e056v!

Also, if you want it sooner, you could buy it elsewhere. Here are some compatible options: Best Buy and Motorola. It’s going in and out on Motorola’s website so you might need to try a few times to get through.

Hope that helps!


Hi. Thanks for the quick response. I just placed the order. :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad I could help! Enjoy the new phone!

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Hi @mb2x!

Main Q:
Do you have any new info on when the G Power will be back in stock?

My current phone (G5 Plus) has been increasingly unresponsive over the past two days, and became pretty much unusable this evening. So my need is urgent! But I hesitate to BYOP because the process intimidates me. I’m not very tech-savvy, and right now I have VERY little time that isn’t taken up by my two young kiddos. So I’d much rather buy directly from RW.

Second Q:
Is there any Expedite list for RW customers who urgently need to replace? I was one of the original Beta wave members (actually had an LG Optimus and a Motorola DEFY XT) in case that counts for anything. :woozy_face:

Minor Q and heads-up:
There’s no “moto g power” on this list of all phones currently supported by RW. But there’s a moto g7 power and a moto G8 power – neither of which seems to exactly match the specs in the moto g power listing in the RW store. Which specs are correct?

Many many thanks!

Try google fi they have the moto g power for $199.00 +tax . activate wait 2=3 days then bring it to RW That is what Iam doing

Be careful to get the right one and not the international version.

You want the Moto G Power, NOT the G8 Power. RW sells the G Power. RW is aware of the documentation issues, and is correcting these. If you find an error, please flag it to them. The two phones are different is many ways.

Currently, Republic expects to restock the Moto G Power during the first week of May.

Let’s see if we might help with that.

Best Buy has the Republic compatible Moto G Power here: The advantage of buying at Best Buy is though their stores are closed in many areas one can still attange for curbside pickup at the store and you mention the need is urgent.

If by “expedire list”, you mean a way to cut to the front of the line for when Republic is able to replenish stock, I’m afraid not.

The confusion here is the new Moto G series (Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus) is indeed the 8th Generation of the Moto G series sold in the U.S. For reasons known only to Motorola, they are not marketing the new Moto G series in the U.S. as the Moto G8 but are doing so outside the U.S.

All of the above said, when sourcing a Republic compatible phone elsewhere (and I assure you the Moto G Power I linked at Best Buy is Republic compatible), one may need a new Republic SIM. To that end, please let us know the SIM type in your Moto G5 Plus. I i understand it’s not behaving as well as it might, however, please try the following, then let us know:


As a point of information, the list of phones referenced in this thread is not Republic documentation but rather generally excellent member authored content. I’ll mention the confusion to the author, however, let’s please not “flag” Republic itself regarding member authored Community content.


@rolandh, I am referencing a comment I received from a very senior RW employee (see attached). In the end, I’m just trying to help RW customers purchase the correct phone. As you know the G Power and the G8 Power are different in more than name only. They are not the same phone marketed in different countries.

“We’re looking into that now. I did not know there exists a G8 Power on the market. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like we’ll have to change our Help Center articles, too.”

Please don’t misunderstand me. There’s nothing whatsoever wrong in flagging Help Center articles or Republic website content as needed. That said, in this case, the list referenced is this one: Detailed Supported Phone Features, which is member authored Community content for which Republic is not directly responsible. I merely point out the need to direct requests for changes to the appropriate source. For this list, that’s the author rather than Republic.


Hi @rolandh,

Can’t thank you enough for your very clear responses to my every question/point. Now it’s my turn to respond.

Although I wasn’t clear about which part of the process intimidates me, it’s not the purchasing (as I’m sure you can imagine) – it’s the steps after the purchase (which admittedly I haven’t explored). Starting with the SIM card, as you lead to below.

This morning, my phone is completely inoperable AFAIK. It ran out of juice last night, and now I can’t get past the screen asking me to draw my pattern. And I haven’t found a way to determine the SIM type by logging on to

Are you asking about my SIM type because perhaps I could use that card for a new BYOP? If so, I wonder if this could be helpful: I may have a couple RW SIM cards that I picked up free at a community event maybe two years ago. Should I look for those or are they obsolete at this point?

Thank you again, @rolandh! You’re a peach.

Our Community Announcement and Help Center documentation were fixed within moments of your post the other day. Our online store had correctly referenced the phone as Moto G Power.

We expect users will refer to the phone in Community with the 8, and I don’t plan to correct those, just as I don’t correct all the instances of “Motor G”.


Hi @lanya,

I’m sorry I missed the questions you had here. Yes, Roland was asking about the SIM card in the existing phone because some can be moved to new phones, and some cannot.

The SIM cards you picked up at a community event have an expiration date printed on them. They typically have a 3-year shelf life, but I don’t know how old the cards already were when you picked them up.

I’ve DM’d you with some additional information about the SIM card in your phone and what you’ll need in order to activate a G Power from Best Buy.


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