Back to school Promo


I just received my Back to School Promo. My question is do I activate as $15/ month and receive the 3gb or as the $30/ month with 3gb and get credited the $15?


Hi @stevenc.mobbtu,

To get the 3 GB free, please select the $30 My Choice option. A $15 offsetting credit will be applied to your account for the next 3 months making your monthly cost $15 plus taxes and regulatory recovery fees .


I already activated my new phone at 1GB. Now it only offers me to add one time data. How do I correct this?


The 15$ credit has already applied to your account so to upgrade to the full 3GB you will have to pay the 10$ on the plan change.


My question is the same as Stanleys. When I activated the phone, 1GB was what presented itself. Nowhere on the activation screen did I see anything about activating it with 3GB for the back to school offer, If it was there, I certainly didn’t see it!
Today I added 2GB, but the email says it’s one-time data. How do I get the plan changed to 3GB for $15/month as advertised without having to pay an extra $10 for it, as Burusutazu suggests must be done for the plan change – to what it should have been from the get-go? I’ve only had the phone a week so I doubt the $15 credit would have been applied. Please advise.


Hi @ka5rcr,

Please take a look at your invoices in the Account portal by signing in at Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless.

I think what you’ll find is that when you activated the phone, even at the 1GB plan size, you were credited $15 for the promotion.

You’ve already added 2 more GB for this month, so assuming this is a new activation, not something in the middle of an existing plan billing cycle, we’d expect to see the following:
Activation of MY CHOICE plus 1 GB of data at $20
A promotional credit of $15
Resulting in an inital charge of $5 plus regulatory fees and taxes.
An additional purchase of 2 GB of data at $10
…for a grand total of $15 you have paid for Talk, Text and a total of 3GB of data - which is what the promotion offered.

Do you plan to keep your plan at 3GB of data even after the promotion ends?
If not, why not just add the additional data as a one-time purchase for the next two months, as well? That way you don’t have to remember to decrease the recurring data when the promo ends.
If so, you’ll want to wait until your next billing cycle date to increase your recurring data. Increases are immediate, so if you increase it now, you’ll end up with a recurring data amount of 3GB plus that additional 2GB you already purchased, for a total of 5GB this month.


Thanks, Southpaw. That helps clarify things a lot!


I also was not given the opportunity to get 3gb during activation, and I don’t see the $15 discount on my bill. How do I go about recieving this? I also have a diffwrwnt subject question about returning the back to school E4 and upgrading to the G6 at the back to school promo rate. I was not impressed with the E4 as it had a software build date of Jan '17 making it nearly a two year old design. This also led to about 3-4 hours of updates and restarts to get it current and running. Sorry this was kinda hijacking…


Hi @jaimeb.kbw6c2,

The option to select your plan size is presented during activation, but there was nothing special during activation about the promotion, so I understand it would be easy to skip that step, expecting there to be something later giving you the free data.

I’ll follow up shortly with private message so I can discuss your account with you.

We have a 14-day return policy, and you would need to open a ticket to discuss any options on purchasing the G6 as a replacement.


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