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Mine used to be sent to my connected gmail account but now for some reason that stopped backing up and I haven’t a clue as to why or how to restart it. RW forbids 3rd party apps so that is out of the question…someone said moto connect does it, checked the app out and nope, no back up feature. My phone is configured to back up to my connected gmail account but …

Any suggestions? I need to purge them from my phone but need to keep them


there are apps that just backup texts like SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play

sms backup - Android Apps on Google Play

these apps don’t replace the messaging app (or Google Messenger that also works on Republic legacy phones)


they don’t need to be they do not replace the texting app (which only the Native Messaging or Google Messenger will work) I used this on the my Moto X 1st and 2nd Gen to backup before Factory resetting.

Not looking to replace app looking for just a way to back up which RW doesnt offer…you’d think they would since you are almost forced to have a gmail account to use the phone - so far tried two, one was an endless loop and got no where, the second requires $$ (free app) to upgrade in order to back up…these are the ones that RW recommend that their users have recommended

…going onto #3

Republic does not recommend a Text backup app and Google doesn’t back these up, the best bet is to use a third party backup app

Yes onto attempt 5 for a recommended app…so far all have failed

maybe this is what your talking about. Mighty Text is what i use. it keeps all my texts on my pc.

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