Background data still used even though restricted?


I have been using Castbox for podcasts for a couple of months now. It is still using background data, even though I have the switch toggled off. My data reset this morning, so I have a fresh start. My phone was only on Cell data for my half hour commute. I did not open the app while driving, but it did start automatically playing from a downloaded podcast. I checked once I got to work, and it used 17.65 MB of background data! (with the Enable background data switch off)

How is this app able to use data if I’ve restricted it, and do you have any recommendations how to prevent it using data in the future? Last month it used 303 MB of background data and another 200 of foreground data (loading images/descriptions when opening the app to go to a new downloaded podcast) I never stream the podcasts while I’m on cell data. I’d prefer not to have to freeze data every time I’m driving, as I need GPS apps open.


Hi @karenh.riexuc,

Questions as to why Castbox isn’t respecting Android’s setting disabling background data would be best addressed to the app’s developer. This wouldn’t be unique to Republic’s service.

As alternatives, you might consider either a better behaved podcast app or using an app like NetGuard to restrict Castbox’s use of cell data rather than relying on Android’s native settings. NetGuard uses a similar mechanism to Republic’s Data Freeze option but does so on an app-by app basis.


Republic’s Data Freeze doesn’t always work. I have at least one app that uses cell data then Freeze is turned on. Same issue with turning Android Background Cell off (data saver). And I’ve had big data drains when there was no app listed as using it. I’ve found that the only way to fully ensure that no data is used is to switch on Airplane mode and turn WiFi back on. But then, of course, the phone doesn’t work. My GPS works fine with the downloaded (offline) maps. The only drawback for me is the lack of real-time traffic data.


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